Barn2 Media WooCommerce Default Quantity v2.2.0

Barn2 Media WooCommerce Default Quantity – By incorporating complex quantity rules onto your WooCommerce store, you may increase your revenues. Set minimum and maximum quantities, expenditure limits, defaults, step values, and other parameters.



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Features: Barn2 Media WooCommerce Default Quantity

  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity & Value: Set minimum and maximum quantities as well as expenditure amounts before allowing the customer to checkout and finalize their order.
  • Values for Quantity Steps: Multiples and interval-based amounts should be added. Customers must buy in the required amount increments.
  • Modify the Default Quantity: Change the initial starting value in the quantity section for each product to subtly push customers to buy more.
  • Control with Finesse: Set quantity rules for the entire order, or for each category, product, or particular product variation.
  • Errors & Prompts That Are Beneficial: The plugin validates and gently assists consumers through the process of adding the correct quantity so that they can go to the checkout.
  • Setup is quite quick: WooCommerce Quantity Manager is simple to use and straightforward, making it suitable for both novices and developers.

Changelog: Barn2 Media WooCommerce Default Quantity


Release date 26 November 2021

New: Added support for Barn2 setup wizard.
Tested up to WooCommerce 5.9.

Release date 24 August 2021

Fix: Issue preventing the WooCommerce \'Order Again\' functionality from working.
Tested up to WooCommerce 5.6 and WordPress 5.8.


Release date 18 June 2021
New: Option to share the quantity step calculation between products.
New: Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
New: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles (SomewhereWarm), and WooCommerce Composite Products (SomewhereWarm).
Tweak: Improved WordPress Multisite compatibility when viewing a sub-site as a super administrator.
Fix: Under certain Shipping zone configurations, Free shipping would only appear after updating the cart.
Tested up to WooCommerce 5.4.2 and WordPress 5.7.2.

Release date 15 April 2021

WooCommerce Quantity Manager released, replacing our previous WooCommerce Default Quantity plugin.
If you are upgrading from WooCommerce Default Quantity refer to our upgrade article.


Release date 10 February 2021

Fix: Support for negative stock levels on products that allow backorders.

Release date 22 May 2020

Fix: Bug with default quantity after selecting a variation.


Release date 1 May 2020
Test: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1 and WordPress 5.4.1.


Release date 11 April 2020

Dev: Update plugin license system and refactor to use new architecture.
Dev: Various minor code improvements.


Release date 12 March 2020

Tested up to WooCommerce 4.0 and WordPress 5.4.


Release date 21 January 2020

Fully tested with WordPress 5.3.2 and WooCommerce 3.9.


Release date 29 October 2019

Tested up to WordPress 5.3 and WooCommerce 3.8.
Fix error with autoloader.


Release date 16 September 2019

Fix bug with default quantity affecting cart.


Release date 11 September 2019

Initial release

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