Saasland – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Saas Startup v3.4.6 Download Free

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Saasland - MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Saas Startup v3.4.6 Download Free


Saasland is a multipurpose WordPress theme for saas, software, startup, mobile app, agency and related products & services. SaasLand is loaded with tons of features, elements & blocks, options that give its users real flexibility to create a dynamic, professional website in no time. It is 100% responsive and looks stunning on all types of screens and devices.

Saasland is a better way to present and promote your start-up or boosting your current agency website. Users will love your Saasland driven site as it gives them a unique user experience (UX), clean, modern and beautiful design. Saasland technology theme is surely a great way to kickstart your new startup project or website.

Saasland – Technology WordPress Theme

Saasland – Multipurpose WordPress Theme is a tried and tested Technology WordPress Theme build from the ground to be a functional, productive, and mature theme, all the while giving your business a unique web identity.

Saasland Business WordPress Theme comes with 50+ demos, over 450+ elements, 95+ PSD with included images & graphics for a highly personalized experience for your Saas WordPress website. Saasland – Multipurpose WordPress Theme provides a whole range of customizability options with Elementor drag and drop page builder allowing you to make your website stand out among the rest.

This responsive, retina-ready Tech Theme will surely attract users from all types of niches and grab their attention indefinably.

Saasland comes with full compatibility with powerful tools such as WooCommerce, Gutenberg, WPML, RTL, and more.

Saasland can be used as an Agency WordPress Theme, Corporate WordPress Theme, SupportDesk WordPress Theme, Software WordPress Theme, Saas WordPress Theme, App landing WordPress Theme, Digital Marketing WordPress Theme, Startup WordPress Theme and more.

Saasland Saas WordPress Theme provides seamless integration with all types of business, Saas-related tools, and plugins to give businesses a competitive edge on the market.

Saasland Technology WordPress Theme is one of the best ways to present and promote your startup or boost your current Agency WordPress site.

Saasland offers a lot of useful elements, blocks, and pre-built demos for specific work cases and you have the ability to customize a Corporate WordPress Theme into something else as per your need, such as Saas WordPress theme, Technology Theme, Startup WordPress Theme and so much more.

Saasland – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

  • 50+ Home pages, 100+ total pages, 450+ unique elements/blocks
  • Full Gutenberg editor compatibility
  • WordPress 5.x compatible
  • Full WooCommerce support
  • Slider Revolution plugin included
  • Demo created for multi-niche with niche specific elements
  • Elementor Drag-n-Drop Page Builder
  • Robust and solid user experiences (UX)
  • State-of-the art visual design
  • Clean, modern and beautiful design
  • Well organized and powerful admin panel
  • Powerful theme options
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 4.x Grid System
  • Contact Form 7 integrated
  • WPML – full multilingual support
  • RTL – full support for Right To Left languages
  • WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Integrated
  • Mailchimp integrated
  • Instagram Integrated
  • Google Fonts
  • Various types of font icons
  • And More
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50+ Home Demos

  • Saasland Main – This Saasland main demo allows users to quickly create business-friendly SaaS websites with unique features and modern design elements.
  • Design Agency – Create websites for your creative agencies with ease using Saasland’s Design WordPress theme to give your website a stellar creative outlook.
  • Cyber Security – Present your cyber security expertise through an in-depth WordPress website created with Saasland’s Cyber Security demo.
  • Data Analytics – Set up a functional website to showcase your data analytics services with Saasland’s Data Analytics theme demo.
  • App – Improve your application’s user base by generating more traffic with Saasland’s App demo, which offers an informative layout, a price table, and a list of the app’s features.
  • Freelancer – Create aesthetically pleasing freelancer portfolios using Saasland’s Freelancer demo, which was developed specifically for creative professionals.
  • Education – Saasland’s Education demo enables you to design educational websites that promote and encourage learning.
  • Architecture – Saasland’s Architecture demo lets you showcase your architectural skills and agency portfolio.
  • Business – Saasland Business WordPress Theme’s Business demo allows users to create a professional business website. With this demo, users can create an attractive, informative, and interactive business website with ease.
  • Construction – The Construction Demo from Saasland provides users with a comprehensive solution for creating robust feature websites for their construction businesses and ongoing projects.
  • Design Studio – A brilliantly crafted demo for creative individuals and businesses. With Saasland’s design WordPress theme give your website a stellar creative outlook.
  • CRM Software – Showcase your CRM software on your website with this robust pre-built CRM WordPress theme.
  • Support Desk – Deploy an interactive Supportdesk showcase for your Business WordPress Theme with this easy-to-use pre-built demo.
  • Digital Agency – Express your agency portfolio with Saasland’s digital agency WordPress theme demo page.
  • Support Chat Platform – Promote your startup/chat platform app with Saasland’s tech themes demo page.
  • Security Software – Boldly showcase your security software using this robust security company WordPress theme demo that comes with Saasland – Technology WordPress Theme.
  • Payment Processing – Display your WordPress payment processor services with Saasland’s intuitive payment process demo.
  • Digital Marketing – You can use Saasland’s digital marketing demo to promote your digital marketing agency website.
  • Accounts & Billing – Set up functional accounts and billing services for your business with Saasland’s WordPress accounts demo.
  • Software (Dark) – You can create a stunning software landing site with dark UI, using this Saasland’s dark WordPress themes demo.
  • App Showcase – Showcase your app and all of its glorious features in a fine web display using Saasland’s built-in App Showcase demo.
  • Classic Saas – Classic Saas is the perfect demo for all sorts of shops, businesses, companies, and agencies’ websites. Classic Saas comes with a business-ready site layout and aesthetically pleasing elements.
  • Web Hosting – Enhance your hosting business traffic with Saasland hosting themes for WordPress to showcase your web hosting features and services in an informative layout.
  • Prototype & Wireframing – Promote and showcase your project prototypes with wireframing using this robust built-in demo that comes with Saasland.
  • Event & Conference – Set up a website for upcoming events and conferences with a few clicks using Saasland’s WordPress events themes demo.
  • Tracking Software – Promote your time tracking and productivity monitoring tool in an informative Saas Theme layout with Saasland’s Tracking Software demo.
  • Agency Colorful – Create an appealing website for your agency with minimum effort using this built-in Saasland’s demo.
  • Analytics Software – Promote your analytical software in an informative Saas Theme layout with Saasland’s Analytics Software demo.
  • Email Client – Setup a working website to support your email client service with just a few clicks with this easy to use demo. Saasland’s email client demo will surely grab your visitor’s attention with its slick and minimalistic design.
  • Startup – Empower your startup business endeavors with this bold Startup demo and present your startup portfolio in a detailed layout.
  • HR Management – Give your website a professional Corporate WordPress Theme look to promote your HR services with Saasland’s HR Management demo.
  • Mobile App (One Page) – Boost your app user base with an informative site layout, price table, and app features list that comes with Saasland’s Mobile App (One Page) demo.
  • Point Of Sale – Create an intuitive Saas website with ease to showcase, promote, and sell your POS products online. Saasland provides a web-ready Point Of Sale demo with all the necessary elements.
  • Saas Landing – Present your Saas-based products and services in a splendid showcase.
  • Cloud Based Saas – Support your Cloud Based Saas platform with a ready-made Saas Cloud theme demo with necessary elements.
  • ERP Solution – Use this ready-made ERP Saas demo to showcase your integrated ERP software suite in a technical layout with the necessary content.
  • Saas 2 (Slider) – With this Saas2 demo, users can quickly set up a great business-friendly Saas website with a feature-rich layout and element.
  • Home Company – Create the perfect landing site for your company with an interactive and informational layout by using Saasland’s Technolgy Theme demo.
  • Home Product (Dark) – Create dark aesthetically pleasing product showcases with ease, using this Saasland – Multipurpose WordPress Theme’s built-in demo.
  • Home Shop (Fashion) – Setup a clean responsive Design WordPress theme. Saasland’s Home Shop demo is well designed for featuring luxury products in a stylish web layout.
  • Split Screen Slider – Create a split-screen Saas site with the whole site being covered by parallax split page scrolling.
  • Home Gadget – Set up aesthetically pleasing gadget showcases in no time using Saasland’s Technology Theme style demo.
  • Digital Shop – WooCommerce compatible demo with all the necessary features to get your e-commerce business up and running in no time.
  • Home Personal Portfolio – Show off a compilation of your work samples and documents in a stylish layout with Saasland’s WordPress Theme for Portfolio.
  • Project Management – This demo allows you to set up project track, showcase, and project updates on your ongoing projects in interactive layouts with images, timelines, graphs, and charts.
  • Home Portfolio – Display a compilation of your work, saas products, and documents in a stylish layout with Saasland WordPress Theme for Portfolio.
  • Home Creative – Create a brilliantly crafted website for creative individuals and businesses with ease using Saasland’s design WordPress theme demo.
  • Home Digital Agency – A meticulously crafted demo for corporate agencies and businesses. With Saasland’s Agency WordPress theme demo give your website a stellar outlook.
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Utility pages that are must to build a saas or software website

  • Service listing pages – 3 styles
  • Service details
  • Our process
  • Sign Up – 2 styles
  • Register – 2 styles
  • Careers – listing of jobs
  • Job single/details page
  • Apply to job
  • Thank You (for subscription or registration) page

Portfolio variations

  • Grid standard
  • Grid gallery
  • Masonry standard
  • Masonry gallery
  • Full width standard
  • Full width gallery
  • 4 variations of project details

Inner pages to complete your website

  • About page
  • Team page
  • Pricing page
  • Contact – 2 styles
  • 404 page

Awesome blogs

  • Blog list view
  • Image posts
  • Video posts
  • Audio posts
  • Quote posts
  • Link posts

Icon libraries integrated

  • Font-Awesome
  • Elegant Icon
  • Themify Icon
  • Simple Line Icon
  • Flaticon

Saasland Features and Shortcodes

  • Hero with texts and images
  • Hero with subscription form
  • Image background
  • Solid color background
  • Gradient color background
  • Features with mockups
  • Responsive mockup
  • Pricing plans – yearly, monthly
  • Compare pricing plans
  • Screens showcase gallery
  • Screens showcase carousel
  • Download app – call to action
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions
  • Portfolio with filter
  • Our team with social links
  • Testimonials
  • Clients gallery
  • Fun facts
  • Featured in gallery
  • Features showcase – various types
  • Pricing plans
  • Compare pricing
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Conversion targeted action sections
  • Features with icon
  • Image gallery – various types
  • Tabbed gallery
  • Image – full width
  • Image – half container width
  • Image – half browser width
  • Video
  • Request quote form
  • WooCommerce integrated
  • WPML integrated
  • Full multilingual support
  • Contact form 7 integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Google map
  • Latest blog section
  • Latest blog carousel
  • Blog list page
  • Blog details
  • Default image post
  • Video page
  • Audio details
  • Quote post
  • Link post
  • Search result page

So, Why wait! Take the plunge and download Saasland – Multipurpose WordPress Theme today and grow your business ten folds with our robust Saas WordPress theme.

Changelog SaasLand –

v3.4.6 (24 Apr 2022)
Tweaked: Removed unused CSS/JS code in order increase the loading speed
Fixed: ACF Meta Field not showing when child theme activated
Updated: outdated copies of some WooCommerce template
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.8) version

----- 3.4.5 (30 March 2022) -----
Updated: Compatible Elementor latest (3.6.1) version (deprecated functions)
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.7) version

v3.4.4 (03 Mar 2022)
New: Added 3 Homepages (Architecture, Business, Education)
Updated: outdated copies of some WooCommerce template
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.6) version

----- v3.4.3 (23 February 2022) -----
New: Added 2 Homepages (Digital Agency 03, Construction)
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.5) version

v3.4.2 (25 Feb 2022)
New: Added 3 Homepages (App Landing, Freelancer, Cyber Security)
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.4) version.
Updated: Demo Contents

----- v3.4.1 (04 January 2022) -----
Tweaked: Google Fonts ON/OFF Switcher options (Theme Settings > Typography ).
Updated: Added Custom Font Uploader Plugin.
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.3) version.

v3.4.0 (5 Dec 2021)
New: Data Analytics demo
New: Design Agency demo
New: Footer Bottom (show/hide) option under the theme settings
Fixed: Countdown Elementor widget
Fixed: Pricing Table repeater button URL | Elementor widget
Tweaked: Deprecated functions of Redux Framework
Tweaked: Download section Elementor widget
Tweaked: Features Elementor widget
Tweaked: Header options
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.2) version.

----- 3.3.9 ( 01 December 2021) -----
Tweaked: Website Animation (Theme settings > Animation)
Fixed: Animated effect broken
Fixed: Menu Hamburger issue
Fixed: Parallax Effect Hero Section (Style 11) Elementor Widget
Updated: Demo Contents
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1) version.

v3.3.8 (25 Oct 2021)
Fixed : All shortcode style setting
Fixed : Pricing Table tabs - button target not working
Fixed : Mobile menu parent link option
Fixed : Pricing Table center alignment dynamic option
Fixed : Overlay menu expanding issue
Fixed : Features widget style two - Themify Icon not working
Fixed : Pricing Table tabs - button link problems
Fixed : Team widget styles - link Issue
Fixed : Pricing Table tabs - ribbon color doesn't work
Fixed : App Hero - parallax animation background color Needed
Optimized : Some CSS and Javascript

v3.3.7 (18 Aug 2021)
Update: WordPress 5.8 compatibility
Added: Service carousel card's border color settings
Fixed: Saasland animation setting
Fixed: Elementor motion effects
Fixed: Custom attributes not working on the Pricing Table buttons
Fixed: Appearance > Widgets area is blank when Redux plugin is active
Fixed: Features Widget color setting - image with icon with image background
Fixed: Icon in Features widget

v3.3.6 (14 July 2021)
Fixed: Subtitle not appearing - Pricing Table - Style 01
Fixed: Border color not working (default and hover state) - Subscribe Form - Style 01
Fixed: Button styling - Call To Action
Fixed: Image ratio issue - Blog post - Style 01
Added: New tab style in Saasland Tab
Added: Custom link for Apply Job
Added: Improved Subscribe Form functionalities
Fixed: Color not working (Testimonial - Style 01)
Fixed: 'Portfolio Gallery Two' filter issue
Fixed: Testimonial style isseu
Fixed: Console error - Home Marketing
Fixed: Review Payment Processing Hero
Fixed: Hero section css isseu
Fixed: Portfolio filter bug
Fixed: Outdated copies of some WooCommerce templates

= v3.3.5 (22 May 2021) =
Fixed: Color & typography field Subscribe form - style 07
Fixed: Features with shapes dark (Image icon issue)
Tweaked: Input field focus border color. Subscribe form - style 01
Tweaked: Default fonts load switch - Theme Options > Typography
Added: Droit Dark mode support css, js & function.
Fixed: Redirection from the dropdown menu over the blank parent menu.
Fixed: Responsive issue - Pricing Comparison widget

= v3.3.4 (22 Mar 2021) =
Added: Droit Elementor Templating system
Added: Lordicon Interactive Icons
Added: Animated Icon widget
Added: Droit Addons For Elementor
Added: Droit Dark Mode
Tweaked: Horizontal tab background settings
Tweaked: Features vertical title icon background

----- v3.3.3 ( 18 February 2021) -----
Fixed: Portfolio Filtering Not Working except the English Language.
Fixed: Pricing table tabs doesn't work correctly when change the tab month to annual
Tweaked: Sort/Order option for the Team widget - style 03
Tweaked: Archive page title settings for custom post types
Tweaked: Plan show/hide option (Pricing Plan Comparison widget)
Tweaked: Social share links show/hive option (Blog single and Product single)
Fixed: Color & typography field not working (Tilt image widget)
Tweaked: Style settings (Circle Counter widget)
Tweaked: Top shape image filed added (Call to Action - Style Three)
Tweaked: Category settings for (Faq with tabs widget)
Fixed: Lightbox Conflict between Elementor and Saasland Core plugin

= v3.3.2 (09 Feb 2021) =
Fixed: Preloader text typography
Fixed: Parallax Image (Positioning Issue) - Demo Landing
Tweaked: Image gallery slider Control Settings - Portfolio single page
Fixed: Service Icon Shadow Not working
Fixed: Mega menu dropdown issue (RTL mode)
Tweaked: Performance issue.
Tweaked: Cart page responsive issue.

= v3.3.1 (06 Jan 2021) =
New: Droit Elementor Addons Pro plugin integration
Tweaked: License verification system
Tweaked: Blog archive title [Theme Settings > Blog Page > Blog Archive page title]
Tweaked: Post style added [Posts Carousel widget]
Tweaked: Button target not working [Hero SEO]
Tweaked: Default footer bottom text appearing the same when it was blank
Tweaked: Selecting hooter/footer for the particular page [Edit page > Saasland page option]
Tweaked: Pricing table content style [style 01]
Tweaked: Footer style - section padding, list item color, background image [Theme Settings > Footer]
Fixed: Countdown date not appearing in Elementor editor mode [Date Countdown]
Fixed: Image width field not working [App Hero]
Fixed: Title-Bar Text alignment not working from the Theme Settings
Tweaked: Content style [Bubble Features]
Tweaked: Tab responsiveness [Horizontal Tabs]
Tweaked: Portfolio Filter option [Masonry Portfolio]
Tweaked: Drop-Down Menu Hover and active Color [Theme settings > Menu]

----- 3.3.0 (17 December 2020) -----
New: Woocommerce ajax feature enabled
New: Woocommerce product quick view ajax
Tweaked: Hamburger menu color and Sticky menu color settings
Fixed: Some rtl styling issues
Fixed: Image missing after demo import [Home split]
Fixed: Social icon alignment issue [Team widget]
Fixed: PHP warning in Product Dark
Fixed: Body typography not working [Elementor - Features widget]
Tweaked: Hero animated text style
Tweaked: Device Responsiveness [Featured Video - Style 02]
Tweaked: Blog page menu color setting [Theme Settings > Blog pages > Blog archive]
Tweaked: Arrow and Dots settings [Saasland Carousel - style 01, style 03]
Tweaked: Dropdown menu [Home split]
Tweaked: Header action button target option [Theme Settings > Header > Action Button]
Tweaked: Responsive [Horizontal tabs - style 01]
Tweaked: Resolved PHP warning [Theme verification field]

v3.2.9 (23 Nov 2020)
- Fixed: Double logo issue after activating the caching plugin
- Fixed: Body and heading typography
- Tweaked: ACF field editing option (Enabled).

Download SaasLand Theme v3.4.6 Nulled Free


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Friends, if you are thinking about your blog theme to change with new one then this is the most ideal WordPress Theme to choose.

If you want an overall premium package for WordPress then the SaasLand Theme v3.4.6 will be the best option for you. Several features are missing in the free version that you can add using simple tricks.

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