WP Rocket v3.10.5.1 – WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Rocket – enhances page load speed and minimizes the burden on the automatic caching server using this plugin.

As a result, faster download speeds lower bounce rates, boost conversions, and help you rank higher in Google’s search results. This criterion has long been recognized as one of the most significant in ranking systems.

WP Rocket cache plugin will work best and fastest if combined with Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin to increase performance and speed scores on PageSpeed InsightsGTmetrix, PingDom Tools

WP Rocket WordPress Cache Plugin
WP Rocket WordPress Cache Plugin

Demo: https://wp-rocket.me/

Features WP Rocket Premium – Caching Plugin for WordPress – Speed up your website

Minimal configuration, instant results

Don’t waste time fiddling with plugin settings. When you activate WP Rocket, it starts working.

Page Cache

Caching allows for exceptionally quick page load speeds, which is critical for optimizing SEO and driving conversions. When you activate WP Rocket, page caching is turned on right away.

Preload cache

Because our crawler replicates a visit to cache preload, search engines’ indexing of your site improves rapidly.

Static file compression

WP Rocket minifies your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files to make them lighter. Faster loading times are achieved by using lighter files.


Images on request

Images are only loaded as your visitor scrolls down the page, resulting in faster page load times. This strategy is used by YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and other large websites. Yours can now as well.

Developer friendly

WP Rocket’s code is written in accordance with WordPress best practices. It’s well-organized, well-documented, and full of hooks, allowing developers to easily do extensive changes.

features of cache plugin wp rocket
  • Quick Setup – Configuring WP Rocket is very simple and convenient
  • Page caching is the ultrafast load time needed to improve search engine optimization and increase conversions.
  • Cache preload – instantly improved site indexing.
  • Preload Sitemaps – automatically works with WordPress Yoast Seo Premium plugin
  • GZIP compression – save bandwidth, reduce website size.
  • Browser Caching – Static content is automatically generated without downloading.
  • Optimize database – clean up garbage regularly.
  • Optimize Google Fonts – optimize fonts.
  • Remove query strings from static resources – remove query strings from CSS and JS files.
  • LazyLoad – images are loaded only when the user scrolls down the page, thus improving page loading speed.
  • Minification – reducing CSS, HTML, javascript files – this means faster page load times.
  • Defer JS loading – reduce the loading time of the website.
  • Compatibility with CloudFlare
  • CDN – Reduce HTTP requests.
  • DNS Prefetch – Reduce DNS responses from external resources.
  • Multi-level compatibility – well, this is a feature for multiple sites.
  • E-commerce – useful for wordpress online stores.
  • WPMLPolyLang Multi-Language Compatibility
  • Import/Export – no comments – import/export data.
  • Compatibility – clean code – convenient to use for developers….

Changelog WP Rocket – Caching Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

v3.10.5.1 December 16, 2021
BugFix: Hotfix (#4590) adjust rocketcdn pricing issue (PR #4592)

v3.10.5 December 9, 2021
Enhancement: Allow to filter the value of font-display for Google Fonts #4219
Enhancement: Prevent rewriting the URLs to CDN inside inline scripts #2849
Enhancement: Allow to disable CDN rewriting for relative paths #2849
Enhancement: Styling change of the RocketCDN banner #4542
Bugfix: Prevent PHP Warning when unexpected pattern is added to Defer JS input field #3967
Bugfix: Prevent wrong path rewrites in some cases when optimizing Google Fonts #3813
3rd party compatibility: Display notices when Ezoic plugin is enabled #2200
3rd party compatibility: Improve the notices when conflicting Autoptimize features are enabled #4558
3rd party compatibility: Load JavaScript Deferred and ReCaptcha plugins compatibility #4515
3rd party compatibility: Delay JS and simpli.fy platform compatibility #4498
3rd party compatibility: Minify JS and CleverPush compatibility #4104
3rd party compatibility: Minify JS and Afterpay compatibility #4526

v3.10.4 November 25, 2021
Enhancement: Add site's name to the exported filename (#4487)
Enhancement: Make LazyLoad for iframes compatible with a11y audit, preview image will receive focus now (#4436)
Bugfix: Remove the last GLOB_BRACE from the codebase (#146)
Bugfix: Fix the display of messages when using incorrect syntax in specific fields (#4314)
Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when receiving empty value in preg_split() function (#4509)
Bugfix: Improve the regex to find and process more Google Fonts markups (#4188)
Bugfix: Prevent PHP Warning when unexpected pattern is added to DelayJS input field (#4136)
3rd party compatibility: Add delay JS compatibility with GravityForms when using Recaptcha (#4425)
3rd party compatibility: Display notices when conflicting features are enabled in Autoptimize (#4013, #4472)
3rd party compatibility: Improve handling WooCommerce images while Delay JS is enabled (#4417)
i18n: Fixed Brazilian translation (#4395)

v3.10.3 - November 11, 2021
Enhancement: Used CSS is not cleared after editing a taxonomy #4299
Enhancement: Display a warning when the user adds "/" into the Never Cache URL(s) box #352
Enhancement: Delay JS - Exclude Jetpack Boost's lazyload scripts #4473
Enhancement: Add a secret key to the folder name of the common cache for logged in users #4482
Bugfix: AddDefaultCharset directive added to .htaccess missing $charset value causing internal server error. Function missing logic to check returned value. #3704
Bugfix: Lazyload images is removing the default LL of WordPress for iframe #4460
Bugfix: PHP Notice: Undefined index: host when exclude Defer JS domain name while Minify JS is enabled #4466
Bugfix: linear-gradient() function is removed in used CSS #4463
Bugfix: Impossible to delay script which contains term "type" on his URL name. Condition not specific enough #4382
Bugfix: RUCSS - elements are removed from the used CSS when that's inserted to a page #4474
Regression Fix: Revert Delay JS script to #4497
3rd Party compatibility: Add check for updated classname in PDFEmbedder compatibility #4491

3.10.2 October 28, 2021
This is a staggered release currently available to 25% of our users.
Enhancement: Update our delay JS execution script to fix a bug with events being triggered twice and to load JS files when the page is loaded in a hidden browser tab (#4354, #4451)
Enhancement: Update the lazyload script to the latest version (#3510)
Enhancement: Add filter rocket_rucss_safelist to filter the Remove Unused CSS safelist value (#4343)
Bugfix: Prevent removing style tags inserted with inline JS when Remove Unused CSS is enabled (#4331)
Bugfix: Prevent useless call to wp_clear_scheduled_hook() when Remove Unused CSS is disabled (#4337)
Bugfix: Prevent console error in some cases when lazyload is enabled (#3976)
3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Avada and delay JS on WC product pages (#4224)
3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Wordfence and our background processes (#3916)
3rd party compatibility: No longer exclude WP Retina 2x images from lazyload (#2492)

WP Rocket v3.10.1 Changelog:
Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for minify JS, combine JS, defer JS
3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Divi 4.10
3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Uncode 2.5
Bugfix: Stop our background processes when updating or rolling back to avoid errors
Bugfix: Update documentation link related to WooCommerce in our settings page
Bugfix: Prevent errors with delay JS execution when parsing big HTML pages

3.10 September 28, 2021
Enhancement: Update minimum WP version to 5.4 (#4341)
Enhancement: Implement a new UI for Optimized CSS Delivery (#4245)
Enhancement: Move WebP Compatibility option to a One-Click Rocket Add-on (#3804)
Enhancement: Add expiration rules for avif image format (#4206)
Enhancement: Remove the Disable Embeds option (#3773)
Enhancement: Remove the Delete Expired Transients option (#3578)
Enhancement: Empty some files no longer needed (#3839)

WP Rocket v3.9.4 changelog:
Enhancement: Update delay JS script to catch click events before the scripts are loaded (#4303)
Enhancement: Add the delay JS script to the page after the meta charset if it's present (#4121)
Enhancement: Remove the clear cache notice after using clear used CSS since it also clears the cache (#4212)
Bugfix: Prevent a possible error on WooCommerce product pages with delay JS enabled (#4255)
Bugfix: Prevent a possible PHP notice in some cases when using remove unused CSS (#4243)
3rd party compatibility: Improve delay JS compatibility with a number of scripts (#4075, #4241, #4169)

WP Rocket v3.9.3 changelog:
Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusion from combine JS (#4290)
Bugfix: Prevent fatal error when passing an empty path to get the content of a file (#4257)
Regression: Fix issue with JS minification when removing comments (#4291)
3rd party compatibility: Add delay JS compatibility with Adthrive (#4018)
3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with Divi 4.10 update (#4263)

WP Rocket v3.9.2 Changelog:
3rd-Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude jQuery from being deferred on Revolution Slider Activation (#4229)
3rd-Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude from Delay JS EWWW scripts for webp (#4165)
3rd-Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude Autoptimizer Lazyload script from Delay JS (#4162)
Bugfix: Use correct server variable to detect Lightspeed (#3282)
Bugfix: Sync varnish cache clear with WP Rocket cache clear on GoDaddy VIP (#3690)
Bugfix: Delay JS preventing WPML from redirecting before user interaction (#4149)
Bugfix: Pre-warmup fetch resources stopped in some cases (#4122)
Enhancement: Grey out Delay JS option when WP Meteor is activated (#4074)
Enhancement: Emulate Elementor Pro animation when using Delay JS (#4080)

WP Rocket v3.9.1.1 Changelog:
Regression fix: prevent error with JS minification in some cases (#4192)
Bugfix : prevent error when updating if the global wp_version is not set (#4193)

WP Rocket v3.9.1 Changelog:
Enhancement: Improve Google Fonts Optimization by preloading and asychronously loading the Google Fonts URL (#2772)
Enhancement: Automatically exclude invalid script types from delay JS (#3944, #4158)
Enhancement: Improve helper text for the delay JS exclusions field (#4044)
Bugfix: Prevent high CPU usage on some hosts when using remove unused CSS (#4072)
Bugfix: Update our minification library to fix several issues (#3698, #3398, #3279, #2974, #2083)
3rd party compatibility: Prevent display issue of the images gallery on a WooCommerce product page when delay JS is enabled (#4077)
3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from combine/defer JS (#4009, #4012, #3984, #4048, #4068, #4128)

v3.9.0.5 July 02, 2021
This version is now available for a random sample of 75% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.
Enhancement: Remove default exclusion list from Delay JavaScript Execution (#4111)
Enhancement: Update Smush pattern to catch all Smush files (PR #4083)
BugFix: Add Delay JS auto-exclusion for some plugins (PR #4082)
BugFix: Add auto-exclusion for Fluent Form & ConverPro (PR #4079)
Enhancement: Add Jetpack Stats Delay JS Auto-Exclusion (PR #4076)
Enhancement: Update DelayJS script to the latest version (#4099)
BugFix: Multiple CSS files aren't removed from page source while RUCSS and Woocommerce are enabled (#4119)

WP Rocket changelog:
Enhancement: Update links on settings page sidebar (Replace sidebar content #3913)
Enhancement: Disable delay JS by default for new installations (Don't activate Delay JS for new users by default + delay everything once it will be activated #4085)
Bugfix: delete used-css folder on uninstall (Used CSS folder shall be deleted when deleting the plugin #3966)
Bugfix: Add swap property to fonts in used CSS (RUCSS does not add the font-display="swap" property when Optimize CSS Delivery is not active #3993)
Bugfix: Prevent used CSS generation from processing styles inside noscript elements (RUCSS problem with tags #3957)
Bugfix: Avoid used CSS generation from being stuck in some cases (Fix RUCSS ResourceFetcher fetch all page urls #3988)
3rd party compatibility: Exclude some JS of GTM4WP from delay JS (Add Delay JS exclusion related to Google Tag Manager for WordPress #4071)
3rd party compatibility: Avoid an error when using ShortPixel AI with Remove Unused CSS enabled (3.9 RUCSS - PHP Fatal error - too few arguments passed in rocket_css_content #3991)

WP Rocket changelog:
Bugfix: Temporarily disable WooCommerce Multilingual compatibility to avoid issues related to excessive cookie generation from WCML (#3998)

= WP Rocket v3.9.0.2 =
Bugfix: Prevent delay JS not working in some conditions
Bugfix: Add auto-exclusions from delay JS for Divi, WPForms, NinjaForms

= v3.9.0.1 June 3, 2021 =
This version is now available for a random sample of 10% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.​
Enhancement: Prevent showing the Image Optimization tab on settings page when white label is enabled (#3120)
Enhancement: Prevent showing the Beacon & ask support buttons when white label is enabled (#2876)
Enhancement: Update our new delay JS script to fix some issues discovered (#3934)
Bugfix: Enable plugin installation through composer when using composer v2 (#3478)
Bugfix: Correctly preload fonts when Optimize CSS Delivery is enabled (#3927)
Bugfix: Remove charset=utf-8 from application/json content type (#3645)
3rd party compatibility: Display a warning when WP Meteor is enabled while delay JS is enabled in WP Rocket (#3945)
3rd party compatibility: Add automatic exclusions from delay JS (#3932, #3941, #3950, #3959)

= v3.9 May 19, 2021 =
This version is now available for a random sample of 10% of our users. We will release this version to 100% of our users in the next few days. More Information.
This version requires the WordPress version to be 5.3 or above
New Beta feature: Remove Unused CSS. This feature removes all the unused CSS from the page, reducing page size and lower the number of HTTP request (#3635)
Enhancement: new version of our delay JS feature. It is now applied on all javascript files by default, instead of using an inclusion list (#3738)
Google & Facebook tracking one-click add-ons have been removed. We now recommend to use the delay JS option to optimize loading of those 3rd party scripts (#3597)
Bugfix: Prevent caching of incomplete pages to avoid blank pages (#2776)
Regression fix: Revert the removal of the preloaded fonts when CPCSS is enabled (#3785)
3rd party compatibility: Add compatibility with WooCommerce Multilingual currency switcher (#3418)

= WP Rocket 3.8.7 changelog =
Enhancement: Update exclusions from combine and defer JS (#3609, #3619, #3634, #3638)
Enhancement: Update never cache URLs placeholder to avoid confusion (#2883)
Enhancement: Add new filter to rewrite custom srcset values to the CDN URL (#2812)
Bugfix: Correctly update our config file with the AMP query string when activating the plugin (#3528)
Bugfix: Prevent incorrect CDN URL rewrite on srcset with duplicated URLs (#2041)
Bugfix: Apply the font-display:swap property to the generated CPCSS (#3114)
Bugfix: Prevent rewriting images with the webp extension in a content attribute (#3073)
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice in some cases if a value is not set in the update object (#3394)
3rd party compatibility: Add nonce value exclusion for Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce (#3652)

= 3.8.6 March 4, 2021 =
Enhancement: Fetch & minify content of CSS internal files requested by `@import` inside the minified CSS files (#3539)
Enhancement: Use a persistent filename with a query string for minified files to reduce the 404 issues on certain setups (#3564)
Enhancement: Add a `preconnect` tag for the CDN domain values entered in WP Rocket settings to improve loading time (#3423)
Enhancement: Turn off the delay JS option when safe mode is enabled (#3498)
Enhancement: Always preserve empty lines in the `.htaccess` file (#3113)
Bugfix: Update our usage of jQuery functions to be compatible with the future removal of jQuery migrate from WordPress (#3605)
Bugfix: Correctly trigger the delayed JS loading when scrolling with the mouse wheel (#3454)
Bugfix: Prevent a PHP warning when unexpected values are used in place of URLs when purging (#3238)
Bugfix: Correctly parse scripts for delay JS when there is a space inside the `` tags (#3083)
3rd party compatibility: Fix Defer JS problem with Contact Form 5.4 (#3625)
3rd party compatibility: Remove compatibility with the age verify plugin (#2839)
3rd party compatibility: Show a warning when the PageSpeed Ninja plugin is active (#1744)
3rd party compatibility: Prevent issues when other 3rd parties use our `rocket_defer_inline_exclusions` filter with unexpected values (#3582)
3rd party compatibility: Exclude the `cms_block` post type from critical CSS generation (#2970)

= v3.8.5 February 15, 2021 =
Regression fix: Prevent an issue with NextGen Gallery created by a change in version 3.8.4 of WP Rocket (#3568)
Enhancement: Exclude image element inside a picture element when the picture element is excluded from lazyload (#3437)
Enhancement: Exclude the AMP mobile redirection script from combine JS (#3540)
Enhancement: Add additional values to our list of query strings to ignore when serving the cache (#3503)
Enhancement: Prevent trying to generate CPCSS for the web-story custom post type (#3513)
Enhancement: Add new GTMetrix IPs to our list of IPs to check when serving the cache (#3126)
Bugfix: Prevent defining WP_CACHE multiple times in wp-config.php in some cases (#3035)
Bugfix: Prevent possible error caused by a missing parameter on a filter in get_rocket_cdn_cnames() (#3332)
Bugfix: Correctly adapt the position of the Beacon to the current language when displaying it on the settings page (#3521)
Bugfix: Exclude application/ld+json scripts from defer JS (#3470)
3rd party compatibility: Correctly exclude some Uncode JS files from defer JS on the most recent versions (#3036)

= v3.8.4 February 4, 2021 =
Enhancement: Apply missing image dimensions for images with a relative path (#3438)
Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for combine & defer JS (#3519, #3524, #3525)
Bugfix: Prevent NextGEN Gallery admin UI breaking when WP Rocket is enabled (#3456)
Bugfix: Fix a bug in the htaccess rewrite rules in certain cases (#1495)
3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with official AMP plugin (#3450)
3rd party compatibility: Correctly ignore platform.sh staging sites for license validation & RocketCDN (#3465)

= 3.8.3 January 21, 2021 =
Enhancement: Exclude additional scripts from minification (#3139, #3495)
Enhancement: Add additional inline JavaScript exclusions from combine JS (#3473, #3488)
Enhancement: Add additional attributes to use when doing the WebP images conversion (#3469)
3rd party compatibility: Improve sitemap detection of All-in-One SEO plugin v4 (#3393)
3rd party compatibility: Exclude images used by JetPack compare images block from lazyload (#3383)

= v3.8.2 January 7, 2021 =
Enhancement: Force all processed CSS and Google Fonts to use font-display:swap (#3375)
Enhancement: Update Never Cache Cookies textarea description to explain partial matches are allowed (#3334)
Enhancement: Added a notification when Mod Pagespeed is enabled and tell customers that it is likely to conflict with WP Rocket (#3369)
Enhancement: Improved integration with WP Rocket CLI (#3377)
Enhancement: Exclude 3D FlipBook JS from combination and from inline deferring (#3452)
Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3460)
Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from defer JS (#3442)
Bugfix: Fix Divi logo image distortion when adding image dimensions (#3429)
Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when picture element doesn’t contain any source element (#3056)
Bugfix: Fix Fatal error “Path cannot be empty” when combining not readable or not found file (#3422)

= v3.8.1 December 22, 2020 =
Bugfix: JavaScript Defer no longer breaks Smart Slider 3 (#3421)
Bugfix: Remedy compatibility with Avada Builder's Google Maps display (#3408)
Bugfix: Set correct date for non-grandfathered customer account creation date to prevent showing incorrect renewal offers (#3388)
Other: Remove the "Remove jQuery Migrate" option (#3413)

= WP Rocket Changelog =
- Bugfix: Update the pattern used for jQuery exclusion from defer

= WP Rocket 3.8 Changelog =
The plugin minimum requirements have been changed to PHP 7.0 and WordPress 5.2 (#3177, #3247)
New feature: Add a new option to automatically add missing dimensions to images found on the page (#3301)
Enhancement: Add a new UI field to exclude images/iframes from lazyload (#3076)
Enhancement: Add a new UI field to exclude files from defer JS (#3233)
Enhancement: Remove the defer JavaScript safe mode sub-option, replacing it with a better approach to handle jQuery compatibility (#3303)
Enhancement: Google maps and AddThis JavaScript URLs is now deferred when defer JS is enabled (#960, #1232)
Enhancement: Update our Google fonts optimization feature to be compatible with the new Google fonts API version 2 (#3264)
Enhancement: The disable emoji feature is now automatically enabled, and its UI removed from the settings page (#3066)
Enhancement: The preload links & control heartbeat options are now enabled by default for new installs (#3234)
Enhancement: The "minutes" value for the cache lifespan has been removed (#3267)
Bugfix: Prevent PHP notices when running on PHP 8 (#3249)
Bugfix: Prevent warning when installating the plugin via composer (#3321)
Other: Removed the Rocket Tester opt-in (#2773)

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Download WP Rocket v3.10.5.1 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. Maybe

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