SalesKing v1.2.7 – Ultimate Sales Team, Agents & Reps Plugin for WooCommerce

SalesKing is a full solution for managing a sales team, agents, or reps that works with any WooCommerce business.

Everything is taken care of by SalesKing. It creates a sophisticated agent dashboard for each of your agents, allowing them to manage clients, orders, discounts, affiliate links, sharable carts, send messages, add subagents, and monitor profits and payouts. You may create complicated commission structures that determine agent earnings, promote agents among groups, issue payments, post announcements, and much more on the admin side.


Features: SalesKing – Ultimate Sales Team, Agents & Reps Plugin for WooCommerce

SalesKing Ultimate Sales Team, Agents Reps Plugin for WooCommerce
SalesKing Ultimate Sales Team, Agents Reps Plugin for WooCommerce


  • Messages make it simple for admins and agents to communicate.
  • Messages and chats may be started by both the admin and the agents.
  • Depending on your profile settings, you can get messages through email.
  • Conversations can be closed or marked as read.

Agent Dashboard with a lot of power

  • 12 panels on a dashboard (most can be disabled)
  • Announcements, messages, discounts, cart sharing, and affiliate connections are all handled using panels.
  • Customers, orders, my team (subagents), earnings, payments, and profile all have their own panels.
  • Balance, recent earnings, order stats, and pending messages are all shown in this overview.


  • Admins may send announcements and control who sees them, either by group or by agent.
  • Announcements are postings that have the ability to be formatted.
  • Depending on their profile settings, agents can get notifications through email.
  • In the dashboard, agents can see announcements.

Recent Posts


  • Agents have the ability to generate, remove, and limit coupons.
  • The maximum allowable discount can be adjusted by the administrator for each group or agent.
  • Agents can set use limitations and expiration dates.
  • Minimum and maximum spend limitations can be set by agents.
  • When coupons are used, agents are paid commissions.

Sharing a Cart

  • Agents can add goods to their shopping carts and shareable links.
  • Customers can share links, and when they do, the cart will be configured.
  • When their connections are used, agents are paid commissions.

Links to Affiliate Sites

  • Agents can share affiliate links for registration, products, and shopping.
  • The customer is allocated to the agent when registration links are used.
  • The order and commission are assigned to the agent when shopping or product links are used.
  • Customers can select an agent at the time of registration by entering the Agent ID.

Management of Customers

  • In a dedicated panel, agents may see all of their customers.
  • New customers can be added by agents. Customers receive login information in the form of an email.
  • Agent data (PDF / CSV) can be viewed, printed, or downloaded by agents.

Management of Orders

  • Agents have access to monitor and manage orders that have been assigned to them (optional feature)
  • Agents only have access to the backend for the orders they’ve been assigned.
  • Agents can execute orders, provide invoices, and so forth.
  • Order data (PDF / CSV) can be viewed, printed, or downloaded by agents.

Teams of subagents

  • Subagents can be added by agents, who are emailed credentials.
  • Agents are paid commissions on the sales of their subagents.
  • Subagents can be printed or downloaded in PDF or CSV format.


  • Agents can check their earnings, as well as monthly statistics and metrics, on the dashboard.
  • Agents can see their own earnings as well as the earnings of their subagents.
  • Until orders are completed, earnings are indicated as “Pending.”
  • When payouts are sent, the balance of the agent is depleted.
  • Each order’s commissions (earnings) can be edited by the administrator.
  • In the backend, the administrator may see each agent’s earnings.


  • Payouts can be entered in the backend by the administrator.
  • Agents receive emails regarding compensation.
  • When payouts are sent, the agent’s balance is depleted.
  • Admins can create up compensation ways in the settings, and agents can pick one.
  • Both the agent and the administrator have access to the payout history at all times.
  • SalesKing does not deliver money; instead, it keeps track of your payouts.

Groups of Agents

  • Agents should be divided into groups, with each group having its own set of possibilities.
  • Groups have different commission plans.
  • Groups have different maximum discount percentages.
  • Group visibility for announcements

Group Guidelines (Promotions)

  • When agents reach certain thresholds, they are promoted from one group to the next.
  • Change your group based on the amount of money you’ve made or the overall amount of money you’ve made.
  • When certain thresholds are reached, group modifications are made automatically.
  • For example, an agent may work in the VIP group (11 percent commission) until they make $100,000, at which point they will be promoted to the VIP 2 group (16 percent commission).

Functionality to Shop as a Customer

  • Agents can log in to a customer’s account and add things to their shopping cart.
  • Agents can pay or use the “Pending Payment” gateway at checkout.
  • Customers receive an email notification when agents select “pending.”
  • Customers can pay for their orders by clicking on a single link.

Editing Prices in the Cart & Price Negotiation

  • When agents shop for customers, they have the ability to negotiate and alter prices (optional)
  • Agents have the ability to provide discounts based on the “maximum discount percentage.”
  • Agents have the ability to raise prices (within limits)
  • Agents might earn a bigger commission if they raise the price (configurable)

For instance, you may pay agents a 100% fee on everything they sell above the item price. If an item costs $1000 and the agent sells it for $1500, the agent will receive $500 in addition to their standard commission. Agents are given strong incentives as a result of this.

As Order Managers, Sales Reps

  • You can turn off the earnings feature entirely, making agents simply managers.
  • In that situation, you can assign each order to a specific agent who will take care of it.
  • The order backend is fully accessible to agents (only for their orders)
  • Agents can complete orders, check status, submit invoices, and so on.
  • The new order email can be sent directly to agents (optional via settings)

Structures of Complex Commissions

  • It’s possible to combine fixed sum and percentage commission rules.
  • Rules can be applied worldwide, once per order, by category, or by tag.
  • Rules can be set on a global, per-agent, or per-agent group basis.
  • Customers or consumer categories can define their own rules.
  • Rules may apply depending on whether the order is placed by an agent or a customer.
  • Thresholds: commission is only paid out after X days of registration.
  • Thresholds: commission is only paid for the first X orders a customer makes.
  • Agents get commissions when the subagents they recruited make sales.
  • Each order’s commissions can be edited by the administrator.
  • Price incl. or excl. tax can be used to calculate commissions.

Here are some examples of what can be accomplished:

  • For any order, there is a fixed commission of $10.
  • All items have a 10% commission, except Nike Shoes, which have a 20% commission.
  • 25% commission per order, but only if the order is placed by the agent.
  • When the agent places the order, the commission is 20%; when the customer submits the order, the commission is 10%.
  • When a consumer puts an order, you get a 50% commission for the first five orders they place.
  • In the first 100 days after enrollment, you’ll earn 50% commission on customer orders.
  • Subagent sales earn a 2% commission, but only until they sell $100,000.

B2BKing – Ultimate B2B & Wholesale Plugin – Special Integrations

  • SalesKing has been integrated to function seamlessly with our popular B2BKing plugin.
  • B2BKing must be installed and active in order to use the following features:
  • Customers should be divided into groups, and each group should be assigned to a separate agent.
  • B2BKing customer groups have different commission arrangements.
  • Become a Sales Agent – Manual or Automatic Approval with Review
  • During registration, custom adjustable fields are supported.
  • During the approval process, manually approve customers and assign them to sales agents.

Changelog: SalesKing – Ultimate Sales Team, Agents & Reps Plugin for WooCommerce

- Added setting to allow all agents to act as reps for all customers / manage all customers
- Added agent column in users panel dashboard
- Added filter by agent in users panel dashboard
- Improved handling of non-latin characters
- Improved handling of how orders are registered
- Fixed bug where agents were able to edit their group/max discount

Version 1.2.2 – November 22nd, 2021

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