Free Download Restrict Content Pro [With 17 Addons]

Restrict Content Pro Latest Version Free Download With All Addons – Restrict Content Pro (RCP) is a powerful content restriction and a membership plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create a fully functional paid content website easily.

You can easily add a stripe, 2Checkout,, and Paypal payment options at a single click. It also gives users a choice to renew memberships automatically. Restrict Content Pro also allows you to create discount codes, which users can use to get flat or percentage-based discounts on membership prices.

You can create free, trial, and unlimited subscription-based premium membership using Restrict Content Pro. It also helps you collect payments from your membership subscribers using built-in multiple payment options integration.

Free Download Restrict Content Pro [With 17 Addons]
Free Download Restrict Content Pro [With 17 Addons]

There is a free version of this plugin also available known as Restrict Content, which gives basic membership management features. If you need more advanced features, then you must go for Restrict Content Pro. In this plugin, You can easily view all active, pending, expired, and free users directly from your WordPress dashboard.

.It also has an option to send payment reminders, payment receipts, welcome emails, etc. Users are also allowed to upgrade and downgrade their subscription by paying the difference amount. There are many addons available for this plugin, which improves the functionality of this plugin. Overall, Restrict Content Pro is a lightweight and leading membership management plugin for WordPress, which covers almost all requirements of membership-based sites.

Main Features of Restrict Content Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Lightweight
  • Customer dashboard for users to manage their account
  • Unlimited number of membership levels
  • Trial membership
  • Customers are allowed to move between membership subscription
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Built-in payment integration support
  • Discount codes
  • Payment reminder mails
  • Membership expiring alerts
  • Autorenew membership
  • Powerful addons for everything that you need
  • Restriction timeout and timelock
  • Member management
  • Easy to use site membership performance reports

Sales Page of Restrict Content Pro v3.4.4 – Membership Plugin for WordPress

What’s New in Restrict Content Pro v3.4.4 (Changelog)

  • Update: Updating the minified js for includes/js/registration.js.
  • Major Change: Set session cookies instead of using wp_signon during registration. The wp_login hook will no longer fire after a user is registered.
  • Tweak: Add action to perform custom validation for Password Resets.
  • Tweak: Add filter to conditionally disable reCAPTCHA and login hijacking.
  • Tweak: Add API to allow for asynchronous promise-based registration validation.
  • Refactor: Remove old updater API calls
  • Log: Adding License Logging
  • Updated French and Spanish translation.
  • Membership Levels fix for both sorting the levels and the number that can be displayed.
  • Removing the old License Key field, label, and notification.
  • And many other small improvements and bug fixes.
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Free Download Restrict Content Pro v3.4.4 Latest Version with 17 Pro Addons

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The core Restrict Content Pro plugin is lightweight, but still contains everything you need for a basic membership site – except content dripping. For some reason the ability to drip content is a pro-add on, which seems a little odd to me as it generally tends to be a core feature of the majority of membership plugins, so I would have expected it to be a free option to be honest.

You can create an unlimited number of membership levels, including upgrades and downgrades, but the one downside to RCP is that it’s only suitable for sites where members will only have/need/want a single membership level. Members can’t have simultaneous access to multiple different membership levels at the moment.

You can however easily set up tiered memberships, with members of one level being able to access the content of all the levels below it.

An interesting option is that you can select whether to automatically renew memberships, never auto renew or allow the member to choose. You don’t see that with many other plugin choices.

As well as the usual options when setting up a membership level, such as setting a name, description and price, you have a couple of additional options like adding a sign up fee and selecting a particular user role for that membership level.

One feature it doesn’t have is a way to set a different dashboard or after login page for each membership level – you’ll need the Pro Custom Redirects add-on in order to do this.

An additional handy feature is the ability to set a membership level to active or inactive, with people only able to purchase a membership when it is set to active, however all settings and existing members are still kept when inactive.

Discount coupons are available in the core plugin, and include the option to allow use for any level or just one specific level. Discounts can be either a percentage or flat amount.

You can also create trial and free membership levels with Restrict Content Pro.

Add-ons are where Restrict Content Pro really comes into its element, with some Pro add-ons available that can really transform your membership site. For certain types of site, like a magazine style membership, these add-ons make RCP my first choice option.

Add-ons I particularly like include:

  • Restrict Past Content‘ which enables a magazine style membership, where members only get access to content released after they become a member
  • Restriction Timelock‘  which allows you to have content available publicly initially, then automatically become protected after a certain period of time.
  • Restriction Timeout’ where you can set a date and time for membership content to become public instead
  • Site Creation’ which allows the purchase of sites in a multi-site setup
  • Group Accounts‘ for allowing the purchase of multiple memberships for a particular group or company
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Restrict Content Pro is a little difficult to judge when it comes to integrations. The core plugin itself is very streamlined, so most integrations will be done via add-ons, some of which are free, some of which are paid and some of which you’ll need to look to third parties for. We’re focusing purely on official integrations and add-ons here, so other integrations may be possible with third party plugins.

Ease of Use

Restrict Content Pro is probably one of the easiest membership plugins to set up. Even if you use several of the add-ons available, I don’t think you’ll struggle to understand anything or find your way around the clean interface that RCP uses.

It’s ridiculously easy to set up a new membership level, you don’t even have to navigate through different tabs. You can also see a list of existing levels, their cost and number of members in each on the same screen, so it’s easy to get a basic grasp of your membership.

Things that might take a little bit of work to set up in other plugns (if available at all) such as upgrade and downgrade options are easy to implement with just a few clicks.

It’s also easy to manually add members to different membership levels if needed.

RCP has also been built to make it easy for developers to work with, so if you need some custom development for your membership, it’s a great choice of base plugin.

Their documentation is also pretty comprehensive if you do run into any issues, and if you need to contact their support then I’ve always found them to be very helpful.

Overall, it doesn’t take very long to set up and has a refreshing lack of options needed to actually get up and running. Even most of the add-ons only add one or two extra fields to complete.

When it comes to email marketing services, then this is the area that lets RCP down the most I feel. As far as free add-ons go (included with all packages) then you’re limited to Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and MailPoet, which isn’t a great selection at all.

The higher tiers of membership include pro add-ons which provide a lot more choice, including Aweber, Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, and more advanced Mailchimp options. So that’s better, but if the only additional feature that you need is mailing list integration, it’s a hefty price jump just for that.

Payment integrations are a different beast though, and here they offer a great selection, plus an API option which would allow you to essentially integrate with any other processor. Out of the box though it works with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and 2checkout. It also integrates with WooCommerce if you need additional payment integrations or are already using this for an ecommerce store.

There are also a number of other integration add-ons available, for example AffiliateWP, WP Job Manager, Help Scout, bbPress.

And there are multiple add-ons for integrating with RCPs sister plugin Easy Digital Downloads, including access to a specific number of downloads and member discounts based on RCP memberships.

User Experience

Easy Upgrade Options

Members have a customer dashboard where they can see all their subscription details and self manage their account, including cancelling or renewing a subscription and downloading a PDF receipt.

You can also enable members to update their billing details (depending on your payment processor) which will help to cut down on failed payments.

It’s also possible to allow members to select whether they want their account to auto renew or for them to manually renew. Whilst most memberships won’t require this, it may be an option for annual or longer term memberships, or if you’re using the plugin as more of a licensing option.

Members can receive emails with their payment invoices, as well as any other emails that you set up, such as a welcome email and notification of their membership expiring.


Restrict Content Pro offers 4 different payment options.

For 1 site, including 12 free add-ons, then a years Personal license is $99. For use on multiple sites, you can get the same package for 5 sites for $149.

If you want to make use of the pro-add ons (currently 17 of them) that Restrict Content Pro offers, then you would need the $249 per year Professional package. This also allows use on unlimited sites.

Unlike other membership plugins, RCP also offers a lifetime option which offers everything in the Professional package but with lifetime access and lifetime support, rather than yearly. This option is $499 and definitely worth considering if you know that you’ll be using RCP for more than 2 years.

Member Management

Considering it’s a lightweight membership plugin in many ways, Restrict Content Pro doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to offering member management options.

The easy to access Members tab allows you to quickly keep track of your members, including their membership level, status and expiration date. You can also quickly revoke access if needed.

The Member list can be filtered by membership level, status (active, pending, cancelled, expired, free).

It’s also easy to add a new subscription to a member on this screen – although they do need to be an existing user in the system.

Member Profile Information

So you can see a lot of information about your members!

There is also a reports option which will show a graph of earnings, refunds and signups over different time periods. Unfortunately it doesn’t include stats such as churn or lifetime value, but at least it gives you a snapshot of how your membership is doing financially.

Under the Payments tab you can see a list of all transactions, including the membership level, status, transaction ID and amount. You can also view and print a copy of any invoice.

Another couple of management options include being able to set up emails for situations like cancellations, expiring memberships and new subscriptions. You can also integrate with the WP Approve User plugin to approve members before they can join. And there is a handy option in the settings to prevent account sharing too.

Finally, you can also easily export member and payment data for your records.


Restrict Content Pro is definitely not a perfect membership plugin and there are some decisions I question like the option to have both content dripping and login redirections as pro add-ons only. As well as needing a Pro account for most email integrations.

It is however one of the best coded membership plugins, and its simplicity and ease of use is truly refreshing compared to some of the other options on the market.

It’s not trying to be all singing and dancing, yet it does have some quite advanced set up options amongst its add-ons, which make it my top choice for certain kinds of memberships, particularly, Mixergy style sites where content needs to be public for a certain period of time then members only, or opposite case scenarios, where you want member content to become public at a certain time.

The plugin is also my favourite, or rather only, choice for a magazine style membership where content is only available from when you join (i.e. you join in July, you get July’s content and then onwards). A nice touch with this is the option to specify a period of time before the signup which content can be accessed for, meaning you can also provide some previous content as a bonus if wanted.

While not my favourite plugin overall – for sites needing either simplicity or specific use cases as mentioned above, it’s currently my top option. And whilst it’s very developer friendly, I doubt that even the least technical person would have much difficulty setting it up.

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Looking for a Restrict Content Pro alternative?

Unlimited Members

There is no limit to the amount of paying or free members you can have. They can be on any number of member plans you offer.

Tiered Access

Create free or paid member plan tiers by choosing which plans grant access to specific content and member pages.

Upgrades & Downgrades

Your members can upgrade or downgrade plans whenever they want. We’ll charge or credit them the correct prorated amount.

Abandoned Signups

We’ll auto-recover any abandoned member sign ups for you via best practice email templates & website popups.

Failed Charge Recovery

We’ll auto-recover any failed recurring member charges for you via best practice email templates & website popups.

Cancelation Alternatives

When members want to cancel, you can present them with alternatives (extend trial, get a discount, contact support).

Automated Upsells

When existing members try to view content they can’t access we’ll show them which plans of yours they should join.

Instant Payouts

After members pay for your member plans, their payment will be deposited into your bank account just 2 business days later!

Payment Options

Charge your members a recurring (e.g. $99/month), multiple (e.g. 3 payments of $100), one-time, or free payment.

Free Trial Periods

Offer members free trial access before they’re automatically charged. The trial can be as long or short as you want.

Drip Out Content

Choose when your new members gain access to specific pages and content. You can also choose when they lose access.

Billing Dates

Choose any day of the month to bill members and we’ll handle any proration automatically for their initial signup.

Member Approval

You can choose to manually approve every member that signs up before they can access any content or member pages.

Access Expiration

You can choose when (or if) your member plans expire to cut off member’s access to your content and member pages.

Coupon Codes

Create any coupon codes you want, then have your members apply them when signing up for paid member plans.

Custom Signup Fields

Collect any profile information you want from your users during sign up. You decide what is required and what is not.

Multiple Currencies

Charge your customers in 100+ major currencies Stripe supports including USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CNY, BRL, and JPY.

Stripe Integration

Integrate Stripe (the best modern payment gateway) to securely process all payment details for your members.

Zapier Integration

Integrate Zapier to connect MemberSpace with popular 3rd parties like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Trello, Google Docs, and more!

Forum Integration

Integrate a community forum (via Circle or Muut) on any page of your website so members can easily interact together.

Affiliate Integration

Integrate an affiliate program (via Rewardful) to track and pay affiliates for any new members they refer you.

Directory Integration

Integrate a member directory (via Community Box) on any page of your site to auto-output your member’s profiles.

Podcast Integration

Integrate a member-only private podcast (via Castos) so only active members get access to the podcast feed.

VIP Support

If you ever have questions – simply email us or attend our live office hours. Yes a real person will actually talk with you 🙂

Mobile Responsive

Your members can log in or create an account using any device they want (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

Custom Styling

Easily change the styling (fonts, colors, buttons) of the login, signup, and account forms your members see.

Member Accounts

Members can edit their profile, update their credit card, view billing history, cancel their membership, and more.

Custom Wording

You can change the default wording for almost any text, link, form, alert, and button your members see.

Add Anywhere

Add your member login, signup, and account form to any part of your website, email campaign, or social media.

Export Members

Search, filter, and export your member list (to a CSV file) whenever you want and then view it in Excel or Google Sheets.

Manually Add Members

You can choose to manually add and invite your members so they are not forced to sign up on your website.

API Access

Access our front-end API via Javascript hooks to pull in various member data such as name, unique id, and profile picture.🔐 Keep content secure and compliant

True Security

Unlike other membership software, we allow you to fully secure any content (PDFs, videos, mp3s, etc) you want.

Member Analytics

View activity timelines for every member login, content view, and download plus sign up trends across time periods.

Member Invoices

Your members can access their full membership billing history and download PDF invoices whenever they want.

Encryption Security

We use bank-grade SSL encryption to keep all your member logins and member payment information secure.


We’re compliant with GDPR, CCPA, & SCA regulations and enable you to be compliant with all your members as well.

Collect Taxes

Choose how much (if any) tax to collect for each plan you create. The tax will show up as a line item in each billing invoice.

Unlimited Protection

Protect an unlimited number of your website’s pages and create an unlimited amount of member plans to join.

Multiple Admins

Add admin contributors and choose which sites within your account they can access (great for teams & agencies).

Member Emails

Customize the wording and format of any emails your members receive from you via MemberSpace (e.g. reset password).

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