Elementor Pro Form Google Spreadsheet Addon Plugin v4.2 Download Free

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Elementor Pro Form Google Spreadsheet Addon

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/elementorsheets-elementor-pro-form-google-spreadsheet-addon/25171650

ElementorSheets is an essential plugin when you want to easily customize your Elementor Pro forms. Within one a single google spreadsheet you can easily organize and customize all your forms. Simply let users add/remove sheet headers names and let them rename existing sheet headers names all on their own. Finally, you can export every Elementor form to Google sheet. The automated system and great features of ElementorSheets will save you time and simplify your workflow.

Top-Notch Solution To Manage Elementor Form Entries

Meet ElementorSheets, one of the best plugin to save Elementor Pro Form items in a Google Spreadsheet. It can easily save all your entries in a spreadsheet, whenever users fill out forms. Admins can also easily create new spreadsheets and new sheets in the settings page.

Admin can also set fixed title in Google Spreadsheet. There is also an option for file fields to save all file associations in a Google Spreadsheet row.

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Create Auto Google Spreadsheets

No need to use any third-party app to connect Elementor with Google Sheets. WPSyncSheets is a WordPress native plugin that automatically creates Google spreadsheets to save and manage your Elementor Pro form entries.

Create New Master Spreadsheet 

Click on the create new spreadsheet option in the plugin’s setting area, and the plugin will automatically create the new spreadsheet in your Google drive.

Create New Sheets

Once your master sheet is created, the plugin will auto-create sheets/tabs within the master sheet to give more manageable and detailed data related to form entries.

Save All Form Entries

Get rid of the laborious work. You don’t need to copy-paste your form entries manually. WPSyncSheets saves all your Elementor form entries automatically in the Google sheets, saving you tons of time and making your work automated and fast.

Add/Edit/Delete/Reorder Columns

With the WPSyncSheets, you can manage your Google sheet directly from the Elementor editor. The plugin gives you an option to live add, edit, delete and reorder columns of the Google spreadsheet just with a single click.

The plugin also allows you to add sheets and header names directly from the editor area.

One Time Settings

Configuring plugin settings, again and again, is a bit of a time-consuming process. WPSyncSheets for Elementor gets you free from all the repetitive work. You just need to set up your plugin once, and you’re good to go.

View/Clear/Download Spreadsheet

WPSyncSheets provides you with options to control your spreadsheet from the Elementor editor. You can manage your form data in a Google spreadsheet from one single place.

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View Spreadsheet

To view the Google spreadsheet with all the form data, you just need to click on the View Spreadsheet button in the WPSyncSheets plugin settings in the editor.

Clear Spreadsheet

If you want to clear all the order data from the spreadsheet, you get an option to remove all the orders, i.e. Clear Spreadsheet.

Download Spreadsheet

Further, if you want to download your sheet, you can also do that by clicking on the Download button.

Freeze Auto First Row

In the spreadsheet, the user can choose to freeze the first row/header of the sheet so that when they scroll down or view the rest of the sheet, the first row stays on screen and provides a clean, manageable view.

The best part about the feature is that you don’t have to go to your Google Drive and open the sheet to freeze the header; you can enable the feature directly from the Elementor editor only.

Mapping Sheet Headers

WPSynchSheets provides you an easy option to map your form field to Google spreadsheets. Users can assign left-side sheet headers to the right-side drop-down form fields to map the rows within the spreadsheet whenever data is inserted from the form..

Submission Date & Time option

With WPSynchSheets, you can see when an entry is submitted. When you enable the Submission Date option, the plugin will create a separate column in the spreadsheet that displays the time and date of the form entries.

Changelog: ElementorSheets

Version 4.2 (4 April 2022)
- Optimize Code

v4.1 (18 October 2021)
- Add License Key code

v4.0 (9 August 2021)
- Brand Name & Security Patch
- Coding standards improvement as per Envato guidelines

v3.5 (6 August 2021)
- Brand Name & Security Patch for next update

v3.4 (28 June 2021)
- Click To Sync button for existing Elementor Pro Form Entries synchronization
- Clear Spreadsheet button
- Optimize Code

v3.3 (21 May 2021)
- Optimize the code

v3.2 (10 March 2021)
- View Spreadsheet
- Optimize the code

= v3.1 (6 March 2021) =
- Automatically sheet headers generated as per the form fields
- Optimize the code

= v3.0 (8 December 2020) =
- Officially Name Change ElementorSheets to WPSyncSheets For Elementor
- IP Address & Page URL

= Version 2.2 (17 October 2020) =
- Support Global Form Widget
- Optimize the code
- Update process of Google Sheets API Token
- User Define Sheet Headers Name
- Add/Remove/Sorting Sheet Headers
- Sheet Headers Mapping with Form Fields
- Update Google API Library

Download ElementorSheets v4.2 Nulled Free


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If you want an overall premium package for WordPress then the ElementorSheets v4.2 will be the best option for you.  Several features are missing in the free version that you can add using simple tricks.

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