Tips to Prepare CBSE Exam with NCERT Solutions

Tips to Prepare CBSE Exam: NCERT stands for the National Council of Educational Research and Training, which is an autonomous government-aided charitable organization that aims at providing quality education to everyone in the country easily and effectively. NCERT is responsible for designing the curriculum for all the classes. They even offer solution papers like class 9 maths NCERT solutions if a student is appearing for the board examination, they can refer to these solutions.

This organization was set up by the Government of India in 1961 to assist the state and central governments on the educational policies and programs which will foster development in school education. Backed by experts and researchers its main objective is enabling carrying out research in school education, designing all sorts of educational resources, like textbooks, journals, newsletters, multimedia kits, and also design training for the teachers.

Even boards like CBSE follow NCERT books, and it is advisable to prepare for CBSE exams with NCERT solutions. These solutions are written in an easy language, and with proper explanation of the concepts, hence the students need not get confused in order to buy any outside publisher book. Worksheets including maths worksheets, are also available by NCERT with proper step-by-step solutions that one doesn’t need any other tutor. With the different kinds of questions provided, the student will gain enough practice and expertise to appear in the examination.

Board exams are an important milestone in every student’s life, and hence one is very cautious and anxious as to what material they should use for their practice and study. Everyone wants the best study material, but sometimes students overlook the importance of NCERT solutions which shouldn’t be done if they are worried about their scores.

With a few tips in mind, one can easily prepare for the CBSE exam with NCERT solutions. Firstly try to make a schedule. Write down your daily activities and set aside a fixed time for study every day, even if it is for less duration. This way, you will have a clear picture of how you are going to spend your day and will be more focused and disciplined about following your schedule.

If possible for those subjects you find challenging, you can opt for group study with your friends, this will help in clearing out any doubts that you have on the go. If studying alone, make sure to clear the concept from the teacher, friends, or family first and then move ahead.

Practice the NCERT solutions, take help from these for all the subjects, refer to some other of your favorite books but don’t miss out on the questions provided by NCERT because they are most probably going to appear in the exams. NCERT also provides the solutions to the previous year’s question papers, making it easier to guess the pattern of the question paper. NCERT can be trusted because aided by the government, it aims at everyone’s literacy, and with eminent scholars and researchers designing the entire country’s curriculum, there must be some value to it. NCERT solutions will help you clear the board exams and prepare you for other competitive exams like IIT etc.

Apart from this do take frequent breaks from study to freshen up your mind. Eat healthy and most important of all get proper sleep as it is essential for health and rejuvenating your body.

These days a lot of study material is available online too. If you want to take help from external sources, Cuemath offers online education, with expert teachers and educational resources just a few clicks away. One can enroll for free trial classes to get an idea of the teaching methodology they follow. Cuemath also offers a lot of free to download worksheets for the student’s practice. Visit Cuemath website to find out more.

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