What after the 10th? Career counselling for 10th class in 2021 | Career Options After 10th Full details

Career Options After 10th: What to do after passing 10th grade, 10 ke baad kya kare ? This is a common dissolution that most students face. There are lots of career opportunities available in India in every field, but choosing the right stream / subject remains the main concern for the students.

Some students are very clear about what they have to do in their life, but there are many students who are confused about choosing their career. Choosing a career after passing class 10th is the most important decision in every student’s life. A right decision can help in making a good career.

Students who are confused about what to do after 10th ( 10 ke baad kya kare ) or which stream to choose, career counseling becomes very important for those students because the youth of today is the future of the country, Therefore, in this post, the information related to this is given in detail, what is Career Option after 10th class?

Career options after 10th – 10 ke baad kya kare?

Getting the right career advice and guidance at the right time can do wonders in life, only by properly assessing and analyzing your strengths and interests can you determine the appropriate career path. After passing 10th standard, choosing the right career is the most important decision of every student, so one should not rush in choosing any option, let us know that you can do 10th / 10 ke baad kya.

HSC or +2 – Students after passing 10th standard PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology), Commerce with Maths , Commerce without Maths and Arts / Humanities / Arts and Humanities (Art and Humanities) can choose a subject group or stream and study in 11th and 12th class which most students do, this will help your career. The direction of is determined, after passing 12th standard from any one stream, you can pursue graduation by selecting the subject based on your interest.

What after the 10th? Career counselling for 10th class in 2021 | Career Options After 10th Full details
What after the 10th? Career counselling for 10th class in 2021 | Career Options After 10th Full details

ITI Course – (Industrial Training Institutes i.e. Industrial Training Institute) Students who want to go into the field of employment like mechanical, electrician, electrical after passing 10th standard can do ITI course i.e. ( ITI Course ).

POLYTECHNIC – After 10th standard, students can do ‘ polytechnic ‘ courses, such as Mechanical, Chemicals, Computer, Automobile, Civil etc. Polytechnic colleges generally offer 3-year, 2-year and 1-year diploma courses / courses.

SHORT Term Course – Student Tally after 10th grade, Computer Course (Certificate Program in MS Office), DTP (Desktop Publishing Course – DTP), Graphics (Certificate Course in Graphics Designing), Web Designing (Certificate Course in Web Designing), short-term courses like Certificate Course in Programming Language can also be done.

PARAMEDICAL – After class 10th, students can do paramedic i.e. ‘ Medical Assistant ‘ courses like DOA (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant), DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology), DOT (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant) etc.

Which subject to take after 10th?

SCIENCE – Science or Science is the most popular and preferred subject for most of the students, Science stream offers you many attractive career options like Engineering, Medical, IT and you can also choose career option with research / research roles after studying Science. Can. The best advantage of taking science stream is that after studying secondary from this subject, you can pursue a career in the field related to commerce / commerce and arts / arts subject in addition to science.

The study of science enables you to have excellent problem-solving abilities, you have the option of science mathematics and science biology, which you can choose according to your interest, these subjects will provide students with highly respected and good paying jobs. To enable it to do, the subjects covered under Science stream are as follows –

★ Physics
★ Chemistry
★ Biology
★ Mathematics
★ English

If you are interested in technology or technology or IT and if you want to pursue a career in the field of medicine, then you can study subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.

COMMERCE – Commerce or Commerce is also a very good career option, if you are interested in numbers / numbers, finance / finance, economics / economics etc., then this stream is a good option for you. There are many career options available in this stream like Chartered Accountant, MBA, Investment in banking sectors etc.

Apart from this, if you are interested in doing business, then it is very important for you to be familiar with the topics of accountancy, finance, economics etc. and be good in numbers and accounting data, the major topics covered under Commerce Stream / Commerce The types are –

★ Accountancy
★ Economics
★ Business Studies
★ Economics
★ Mathematics ★ Mathematics
★ Informatics Practices
★ English (English)

If you have a heartfelt desire for numbers, business, an affinity for economics and want to pursue a career in the world of economics or business, commerce / commerce is the right career option for you.

ARTS or Humanities – Stream of Arts or Arts or Humanities is very popular among the students, more and more students choose this subject. The arts subject offers students many exciting career opportunities such as journalism, language, history, psychology, etc. All fields related to arts such as design, language arts, performing arts, humanities are very good paying career options.

The Arts / Arts subject is a subject encouraging creativity and self-expression, students who take the Arts and Humanities stream are able to develop their thinking very well. This subject also helps in enhancing your leadership / leadership qualities, the major topics covered under Arts Stream are as follows –

★ History
★ Geography
★ Political Science
★ Political Science ★ Psychology
★ Civil Sociology
★ English (English)
★ Hindi (Hindi)
★ Sanskrit (Sanskrit)

If you are a student who is creative or interested in art and humanity, then you art / arts subject is a great path for you, because after 10th, there are many subjects available for you according to your interest in arts stream. There are, by choosing some topics from which you can make a great career.

After completing 10th, it is also very important for you to choose a right and appropriate board for education, in addition to the state / state board of education, there is also the option of CBSE, ICSE and IB (International Baccalaureate) in India, of the right board of education. Selection can prove to be beneficial for your higher secondary education because when it comes to having the best education, choosing the right board and good school is very important.

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