TechSpot Latest Version Blogger Template Free Download

Friends, You’re very lucky if you found a TechSpot Blogger Template in 2021, because it  enough to come across a great Blogging journey. If you’ve found it! You already won half the battle in blogging World in 2021.

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In this article I will share with you a latest release TechSpot Blogger Template” with full details, feature and free download option.

TechSpot Latest Version Blogger Template Free Download
TechSpot Latest Version Blogger Template Free Download

TechSpot is The Fast, Flexible & Fully Customizable Blogger Template. This professional blogger template has unique and highly advanced features like SEO optimized, ultra fast loading, dark mode, grid style and more. TechSpot was developed with the best and latest blogger development techniques to ensure the best results in performance and ranking in search engines and social networks.

TechSpot Blogger Template has a unique and exclusive design that will make your website stand out to its fullest. It is fully customizable allowing you to create your own amazing design in a few clicks without any coding knowledge. TechSpot is perfect for monetization and can be easily integrated with Google AdSense. Get the best results and improve your web presence with this amazing blogger template.


TechSpot  has been fully optimized for all search engines to rank your posts easily because in this blogger template have a good search optimization setting . All its features can be configured with a few clicks and without any coding knowledge. Its Admin Layout is also best. You can rank your blog quickly and easily with techSpot Premium blogger template.

SEO Optimized :-

TechSpot has been meticulously optimised for search engines. In TechSpot , you can find all of the Meta tags and other best practises. It was designed with search engine optimization in mind. Aside from that, a website’s creative appearance is the most significant feature because it aids customers in finding it. Any website with no visitors is nothing more than HTML with no value. As a result, TechSpot has been completely redesigned to provide as many search results as possible.

TechSpot   includes features like as SEO friendliness, responsive design, Adsense compatibility, and numerous blocks with icons in the sidebar and home page. It’s designed to provide bloggers access to all of the features of an app store. TechSpot is a one-of-a-kind website that adheres to modern online standards.

Latest Features :-

  TechSpot is one of the best-optimized and SEO-friendly blogger templates available. It’s designed to provide bloggers access to all of the features of an classic store. TechSpot is a one of a kind website that adheres to modern web standards.

Fastest and Responsive :-

TechSpot Blogger Template is one of the fast loading templates. This template is fully responsive, responsive and mobile friendly too. The TechSpot blogger template works well on all devices, as search engines like Google give more priority to mobile indexing. That’s why it is important for any website to be responsive. All these features are given in TechSpot blogger template. The template has a clean and beautiful appearance, and the landing time is quicker.

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Fully Customizable :-

The TechSpot blogger template can be edited through the layout section of blogger. The colors in this TechSpot template are also easily changed through blogger theme customization. Plus, the logo and menu items in this template can be easily changed. TechSpot Blogger Template has a lot of customization that can be used without tampering with any HTML code. TechSpot has a variety of customization options that don’t require any HTML fiddling. As a consequence, TechSpot is the most user-friendly template.

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Featured Post by Label

This template also allows you to display content in different places. There are (post by Lable, Recent post, Popularpost, Random post) different featured areas on the homepage of this template.

Fully Optimised Schema Structured data :-

TechSpot is a structured data format that has been fine-tuned for improved identification by search engines. By quickly boosting your search engine rankings, schemas may help you gain a competitive advantage.

This template has a minimalist and clean design. No additional knowledge is required to use this template. There are many places to add ads to this Blogger template. Which will help in increasing the revenue. This blogger theme resizes according to the size of your device screen.

It has the ability to adjust to any screen size with its fully coded responsive design and will look stunning in any device. This blogger template is packed with tons of features without compromising on its loading speed.

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Social media profile page :-

It comes with powerful content management system, social buttons, multiple ad spaces, and more to maximize your revenue. It is very easy to use and setup takes a few minutes.

Social media, when used properly, gives you the opportunity to make more money than you can imagine. Build enough trust with your followers and they will be more inclined to check out your recommendations.

Start using social media platforms. You can also use social media profile page. If you don’t know how to add, you can watch the video of it. Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat

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Multiple Ad Slots :-

Use Google AdSense advertising or content delivery platforms like Tabula, Content, Outbrain, etc. TechSpot site gets a lot of traffic but if your site is not optimized for ads, your traffic will not convert into money. Therefore, different advertising areas will attract the attention of the visitor.

Responsive ads are automatically injected into post listings, ads inside sidebars with sticky options, ads inside articles posted before the first paragraph, ads before header theme area, ads before content subject area.

There is already a sign to place advertisements inside. There are even ads that can be automatically placed in the middle of an article without the need to write any additional scripts.

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Author info box

At the bottom of every post you will find little information about the author. It contains the author’s name, picture and brief description. Everything is automated, and this widget takes data from your Blogger profile. Hence, it shows different information for different authors from their blogger profiles.

Font Awesome :-

TechSpot blogger template uses the latest Font Awesome CDN. You can edit the default icons in this template as per your requirement with the help of Font Awesome.

RTL Supported

As we know that English is written from left to right but the languages like Arabic is written from right to left. So Techspot Premium Blogger Template is designed to support almost all types of languages, their writing formats and layouts. Along with this feature, if you don’t have knowledge of English but you want to publish your blog in English, you only need to write your blog in your own local language. After that It will automatically translate your blog into English.

AdSense Friendly

One of the important feature of the blogger template is that it should be AdSense friendly and highly optimized to get AdSense approval as fast as possible. Techspot Premium Blogger Template is the best template to get AdSense approval faster and it has high pre-installed ad placement section to place banner ads, responsive ads, header, ads in the top section.

Responsive Images Support

It doesn’t matter what’s the size of your images, it will automatically convert your images into responsive images to get fit in both mobile and desktop screen.

Responsive Videos Support

If you add videos in your blog posts, it will convert it into responsive videos to be able to play in both mobile and desktop.

Dark Mode and Dark Logo Support

Dark Mode features helps to improve user interface (UI) and user expereince (UX) of the visitors of your website by providing them feature to enable dark mode to read a particular blog. It will also reduce the bounce rate of your website so that the visitors will give more time to read your blog without any difficulty. Techspot Premium Blogger Template has dark logo support that means you can set two types of logo in your website, one for light mode and another for dark mode.

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Boxed Mode Support

You can set the template layout to full screen mode or boxed mode with just one click. The layout of this template can set up according to your choice.

Awesome Header Bar

It has awesome header bar which has logo, search button, one-click dark mode button, Dropdown menu, mega menu and maga tabs to give professional look and layout to your website.

It has highly advanced Trending section feature to showcase the Trending blogs of your website to get high traffic.

+8 Flexible Ads Sections

If you have AdSense approved website, you can place ads in the pre-install ads sections directly from the Admin Layout panel without doing any type of coding.

AdSense In-Feed Ads Supported

It supports AdSense In-Feed Ads which appears when your visitor visits your blog posts. AdSense In-Feed Ads is related with the contents of blog posts which ultimately increase the chance of click on ads. If there is more clicks on ads, there will be more revenue from Google AdSense.

Table of Contents Support

In other blogger templates, you need to do extra coding to get a simple table of contents. But in this blogger template, you just need to use a small shortcode to get an advanced Table of Contents plugin like WordPress without doing any coding.

Colourful Buttons with Icons Support

You can add download buttons, demo buttons, buy now buttons, contact us buttons, share buttons, more info buttons, etc in your blog posts very easily by using a simple shortcode.

Codebox support

You can add codes in your blog posts by using codebox plugin.

Alert messages plugin

If you want to give notice alert to your blog visitors or If you want to give warning message to your blog visitors, you can do it within a few seconds by using its highly advanced alert messages plugin.

Contact form plugin

If you want to create a professional contact us page or if you want to place contact form in your blog posts so that your blog visitors can contact you easily, you can also do that by using a single line of shortcodes without doing any type of coding.

It has highly customizable related posts section located at the bottom of each of the blog posts. I am calling it ‘customizable’ because you can decide how many blog posts will be shown in the related posts section.

Disqus and Facebook Comments

It has three types of advanced comment system i.e. blogger comment system, disqus comment system and Facebook comment system. You can use any type of comment system according to your choice. If you need recommendation then I want to suggest you to use blogger comment system because it is fastest, editable and SEO friendly comment system.

Embed Videos and Images in Comments

In this blogger template, your website visitor can comments text message, image message and YouTube video message very easily by typing text message or typing the link of image or YouTube video.

The European Commission has already announced that the websites which gets traffic from European countries must comply with the European GDPR cookie policy regulations act. Similarly, you need to comply with the American CCPA cookie policy regulations act if your visitors are from USA. So you need native cookie consent plugin to get qualified for their cookie policy and privacy policy regulations.

Social Follow Counters

If your website has accounts on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, linkedin, pinterest, telegram, etc and if you want your visitors to follow your official website on social media, you can do it easily with the social follow counters. Social follow counters is supported in both sidebar and footer sections.

Social Share Buttons

If you want to share your blog posts on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, linkedin, pinterest, telegram, etc or if you want your visitors to share your blog posts on social media, you can do it.

It has advanced and professional footer sections where you can place your custom footer credits and link of pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions, about us, contact us, HTML sitemap, XML sitemap, etc which are necessary to get AdSense approval.

Advanced Author Section

It has advanced author section to show the details of the author who has published the particular blog posts.

Advanced About Section

It has advanced about section to show the goals and objectives of your website to your blog visitors which will create a good relation between your website and your visitors.

Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors and Fonts

It is fully customizable blogger template. You can easily customize it’s background, width, colours and fonts of its layout without doing any type of coding.

Latest Posts Gadget

It has professional latest posts gadget on both sidebar and footer sections which shows the recent blog posts to your blog visitor. You just need to use a one line simple shortcode, it will automatically show latest posts gadget.

It has popular posts gadget to show the most popular blog posts in both sidebar and footer section. You can choose the time of popularity i.e. 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days or all time popularity.

Recent Comments Gadget

It supports recent comments gadget on both sidebar and footer sections just like the latest posts gadget.

Exclusive Mailchimp Subscribe Form

If you want your blog visitors to subscribe to your website so that every time you publish a new blog, they will get an email notification. Yes, you can easily do it by using Exclusive Mailchimp Subscribe Form designed in Techspot Premium Blogger Template.

It has the feature to place ads even in the footer section of your website which means it is all round qualified for instant AdSense approval if your blog has high quality contents or blog posts.

Post Ads 1 and 2 Support

It has the feature to place ads in starting and ending of each blog posts within a few seconds.


Detailed documentation is also built into the TechSpot blogger template. TechSpot Documentation with each step explained in detail Easy installation without any trouble follow below documentation and install this pretty professional template. The widgets gadgets images have been attached properly where red tic mark for better understanding easily. If you face any problem in editing the theme then you can easily edit the theme by reading the documentation.

Template Features

  • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Support For All Blogger Languages (RTL Supported)
  • Flexible Top Ads
  • Dark Mode and Dark Logo Support
  • Boxed Mode Support
  • Awesome Header Bar
  • Advanced Trending Section
  • +8 Flexible Ads Sections
  • AdSense In-Feed Ads Supported
  • Table of Contents Support
  • Related Products (Non-Duplicate Items)
  • Disqus and Facebook Comments
  • Embed YouTube Videos and Images in Comments Via Links
  • Latest Posts Gadget (Sidebar and Footer)
  • Recent Comments Gadget (Sidebar and Footer)
  • Exclusive Mailchimp Subscribe Form
  • Flexible Footer Ads
  • Native Cookie Consent
  • Footer Sections
  • Advanced About Section
  • SEO Optimized by Pro Blogger Templates Expert Team
  • Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors and Fonts


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Friends, if you are thinking about your blog theme to change with new one then this is the most ideal Blogger Theme to choose.

If you want an overall premium package for Blogger then the  TechSpot  Responsive theme will be the best option for you.  Several features are missing in the free version that you can add using simple tricks. Also, the free version is not that optimized for SEO and better loading speed. 

Like free versions generally don’t contain schema data that helps Search Engines like Google to better understand your content.  If you want to become a successful blogger and give your full effort to earn money out of it this will be a good investment for you. I hope this post can be useful for all bloggers. Thank you for visiting our website.

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