[Paid] Silo Blogger Template Free Download | Silo – Structural & SEO Blogger Template

Hi Everybody, Welcome to action zone tutorial in this post i will share with you Silo – Structural Blog For Free. Silo is a Clean and Light blogger template. It’s perfect for biography niche, blogging tutorial website, review websites, coding website, online tutorial and even your own tech artcles.

Silo – Structural Blog is a very fast and fully customizable blogger template which will allow you to create your blogger website more unique and attractive look with best performance.

Hello Everyone! Today in This Post I am going to share a Silo – Structural Blog has been fully optimized for all search engines to rank your posts easily because in this blogger template have a good search optimization setting by Piki Theme

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Median Ui v1.4 Premium

Silo Blogger Template Free Download

Silo – Structural Blog blogger template is Light Weight Design and has not lots of unique features that you won’t find in any other blogger template.

Silo Blogger Template Free Download | Silo - Structural & SEO Blogger Template
Silo Blogger Template Free Download | Silo – Structural & SEO Blogger Template

All its features can be configured with a few clicks and without any coding knowledge. Its Admin Layout is also not good. You can rank your blog quickly and easily with  Silo – Structural Blog Premium blogger template. It have a Stylish code box to add your tutorials code in code box.

Silo Blogger Template is created by Piki Templates. This blogger template must be installed once on your website. All the features of Silo Blogger template are being described below :-

Silo Blogger Responsive Blogger Template

Silo is a magazine template designed in gallery mode, with recent posts and featured posts shown in a square box.

This design looks great on mobile and desktop and can be used on any sort of blog. includes the option of a night mode This template’s night mode is fantastic. so it will always remember the local storage, allowing it to load without blinking.

Responsive Blogger Templates is an ultimate feature that lets you show your blog according to the user’s device and screen size. It automatically adjusts its width and element size keeping design in mind. Since blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms,

it also requires modern updates, so google does that every year, previous blogger themes have two different settings where you can show desktop theme and mobile theme separately but it was neither functional nor very useful instead

AVvXsEiwvRRM5Z8afhRteqhE7JUvxyR0Do9F3 7MWM9SmrgTSUUlKXJuzXRW65vw4svxq2T2jqCHxnnZAViTM2gGwj2fDw5G3D1OIGmiIqC4U840SgX96fmrO ocHNNOc0Hb 2WVXL2W0jcaZIikqD55t4

it looked bad and gives a bad reputation for your blog, but to solve that issue here comes custom responsive blogger themes, theses themes are made by professional blogger template designers like SoraTemplates, TemplatesYard, Way2Themes, and many others, they provide

some amazing quality themes which you can place on multiple devices, that means a single theme will be displayed on the user’s device and it will automatically adjust its width and element size according to the screen size, it looks beautiful and professional at the same time.

Silo Blogger SEO Friendly Blogger Template

SEO is the main factor of Blogging or ranking high in search results. So if your blogger website theme does not have good Silo Structure installed then you will not be able to rank higher in search engine.

But in Silo Blogger Theme you will get all types of SEO tags already installed By PikiTemplates so you don’t need to add any SEO tag in Silo Blogger Theme. So that’s why we can consider this blogger template as completely SEO friendly.


We are share content only for testing purpose and to help those who didn’t afford money to buy, its not for commercial use. Please, If you think that it’s working fine and have money then we highly recommend you to buy it from Pikitemplates. Because they have worked very hard to make it. If you are the owner of this content and you have problem with this then, Mail us[Contact Email- contact@actionzonetutorial.com], We will remove it as soon as Possible.

Silo Blogger Fully Customizable Blogger Template

Now, customised and design your theme more easily without pre -installed theme editor tools

Are you looking for Blogger Templates for making a highly professional website in no time? Yes! We at TemplateToaster deliver superior quality Blogger templates to make things simple for you. You would find amazing options to start your blog website.

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SEO Friendly Blogger Template

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Because in today’s article I am going to tell about Top 10 Free SEO Friendly Blogger Templates in which you will get all the features (like – Fast Loading, SEO Friendly, Adsense Friendly and SEO Ready etc.).

If you also want to create your own blog / website, then you will like this article – How to make a blog or website for free?

So let’s start friends – Top 10 Free SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2021 (Top 10 Free SEO Friendly Blogger Theme)

If you create your blog on Blogger, then you get a lot of Free Stock Templates there but it does not have all the features that can give a professional look to your blog.

In such a situation, the question comes that which template will be best for our blog so that our blog also looks like a professional blog.

In such a situation, if you search Free Fast Loading Blogger Templates on the Internet, then thousands of templates come in front of you, but this increases your problem which of these thousands of templates to use.

But I have solved your problem here, here we told you about Top 10 Professional Blogger Templates which are available in both Free and Paid, now it is up to you whether you will use Free or Paid.

Below we have given the preview version (click on DEMO) and download link of each template.

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Some Features Of Silo Free Blogger Template :-

Now we will know about all its features below.

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page in Post
  • Landing Page in Static Page
  • Custom Page
  • Blog Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Fullread Page
  • Tab Post
  • Split Post
  • Ad Slots
  • Dark Mode
  • Load More Button
  • Last Update Date
  • Reading Time
  • Custom Blogger Comment
  • Disqus and Facebook Comment
  • Widget Custom
  • SEO Friendly
  • Valid Structure Data Google
  • Schema Markup
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Multi Tab Syntax Highlighter
  • Any More…

Demo And Download :-

What is Silo Structure?

Silo is a word derived from the word sileage. This means green fodder is stored in an airtight space.
Silo Structure looks like Pillar Structure of building

Silos are long vertical structures, which is similar to pillars that are long vertical structures.
The phrase, silo structure, can be used to describe a number of different types of SEO link building strategies. These strategies are designed to boost a site’s rankings, but they differ from one another in that each strategy uses a different kind of website or blog as the base of operations for the strategy.

Basically, Silo structure is a technique for building links by writing blog posts related to each other and publishing them on the same site. The idea is that if one post links to another, search engines will eventually see those two pages as more relevant than pages that just link out to other sites. Silo structure was very effective for increasing SEO for a time, but changes in how search engines view links have made this tactic less valuable.

What is ‘Blog Silo Structure’ in SEO?

Blog Silo Structure is one of the several types of structured link building done with blogs. The idea is to create many individual blocks that share your primary keyword and communicate with each other. The results of silo structure are better rankings for keywords in the niches you’re targeting.

How to Implement Silo Structure in Blogger Properly?

Today I will tell you how to make a silo structure. In WordPress, this facility is made with the help of the plugin, there is no such plugin in blogger but here in these posts, we are creating a silo structure in blogger with the help of coding. We will tell you those steps in blogger, you have to do that very carefully so that there is no problem while creating the silo structure further.

Benefits of Silo Structure

  1. If you adopt a silo structure then your blog indexing will be good.
  2. With the help of a silo structure, your blog will rank fast so that more traffic will come from it.
  3. When you apply a silo structure, the bounce rate of your website is low and the posts of your website are scattered in other posts, due to which the bounce rate is low. And if the bounce rate works then your website is quickly in the top position of Google.
  4. If you have done the silo structure well then your website will stay in the sandbox for less time.
  5. The biggest benefits you get from the silo structure are in the link juice. So that the domain and page authority of the backlinks of your website is increased.

Conclusion :-

I hope you liked this post, got to know something new about Silo structure SEO and How to Implement Silo structure in blogger.
If you have any query or any query regarding silo structure then you can ask us your queries by joining our telegram group chat.


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