[Paid] Fiksioner Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Premium Fiksioner Blogger Template – is one of the best free Blogger template recommendations of the year. The display style is deliberately designed to be large and wide because it was originally designed specifically for the needs of personal blogging, aka those who like to write journals, personal experience notes, or writing fiction. That is the reason why I named him Fiksioner, aka people who like to fictional (imagine). You can download the free Blogspot Paid Premium Fiksioner blogger template in this article.

Simple Fiksioner –Blogspot Template is But over time, it turns out that Fiksioner are widely used by blogs with various niches. Starting from news, tutorials, health, education, recipes, even a hodgepodge blog that discusses various things. This is because Fiksioner are flexible, they can be used for any need.

[Paid] Fiksioner Premium Blogger Template Free Download
[Paid] Fiksioner Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Fiksioner – Template Performance and Documentation

   • Detailed Documentation – Check it
   • Template Author – Igniel
   • Premium Price – $15

Fiksioner – File Info

Last Update:  1 September 2020
Created:  28 March 2022
Free Version:  Available
Template Version:  v3
RTL Support:  Yes
File Type:  Zip File
Zip Size:  117 KB

fiksioner v2 Blogger Template is a well-designed responsive Blogspot theme having a fast-loading minimalistic design with highly SEO optimization, which will help you in Ranking Factor. fiksioner Blogger Theme has a fully responsive layout that can adjust its width according to device type and screen size. especially ideal for personal blogging. and also suitable for any micro niche website, like news, tech, travel, blogging, food, Fashion, Sports, Video, Health etc. This is highly responsive, Simple Design, and clean with fast loading blogger template. it has more features. This template is designed by the IGniel. contemplate provide you High-Quality free Premium Blogger template.

Template Feature: 
Responsive Layout, Mobile Friendly, SEO Friendly, Light Base Color, Search Box, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Top Navigation, Sticky Navigation, Back to Top Button, Grid Style Post Thumbnails, Page Numbered, Share Button, Footer Navigation, Footer Widget, Breadcrumb, Featured Slider, Related Post, Recent Post, Mid Header, Simple, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Clean, Minimalist, Fast Loading,  Adsense optimized, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Free Premium, Email Subscription Widget, Responsive Blogger Template, Footer, Ready for business blogs and news websites, Ads and Seo Optimized, Featured home page widgets and More…


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People used to complain about the outdated interface and the limited theme (template) selection for Blogger (Blogspot). But nowadays, more developers are racing to design the best theme for Blogger. One of the best premium theme for Blogger is the Fletro Pro v6.0. And here are the reasons why you should buy it!

If want to see how Fletro v6.0, you may take a look at the demo website at https://fletro.jagodesain.com/  or you can see my implementation at https://omu.my.id/. 

If you are interested to use the Fletro Pro 6.0, you can absolutely purchase it for a very reasonable price directly at the designer’s website. However, before you do, please read my opinion about this theme first! You may want to know whether it’s worth it or not.

I have been using Fletro Pro v6.0 since it came out last May. I have been analyzing the theme’s strength and weakness. 

The Reasons Why I think Fletro Pro v6.0 Is The Best Premium Blogger Theme

1. Fletro v6.0 is full of useful features

If you are looking for a theme that can be customized in various ways, the Fletro Pro v6.0 is definitely the way to go. It has so many features that you can enable and disable quite easily. If you implement Fletro theme on two websites, you can make each blog to have a different style thanks to the customizable features and layout.

For example, you may choose to enable or disable the special slider content widget on the main page. You can also choose to post using the centered full-read mode without sidebar, just like in the Fletro Lite layout.

To edit the header menu, you are given the easy option of using the link list gadget. You no longer need to edit the HTML in the theme editor to set the main navigation. There is also the option of enabling Grid or List mode to enrich the layout of you blog’s main page. 

The text and writing formats are also amazingly diverse.  It’s too many but I’d like to mention the image placement layout. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen feature like that in a Blogger theme. You can check them out fully at https://fletro.jagodesain.com/2019/12/all-compose-style.html.

2. Fletro v6.0 has an amazing performance

The Fletro v6.0 is very light weight despite the loaded features. You can tell that the codes are optimized and tidied up nicely.

If you are a serious blogger, you may want a theme that can pass the Lighthouse SEO and performance test. For your information Lighthouse  is a standard tool in web development. It is no surprise that Fletro v6.0 passed with high score scores. You can test it yourself via https://web.dev/measure/.

Fletro Pro v6.0 has very high Lighthouse score.

Now here is the catch, usually when Google Analytic (GA) and AdSense are enabled, your score will drop considerably. In fact, you might get a failing score. But Fletro is different.

I test Fletro v6.0 with Google Analytic and AdSense enabled (OMU.my.id implementation). There is a noticeable drop in performance but it’s still pass. The SEO, accessibility and best practice score do not drop much at all! Please note that the passing score is above 49.

Fletro v6.0 with Google Analytic and AdSense,

This phenomenon is actually rare. Many Blogger themes are not designed with AdSense and GA in mind. Therefore the themes’ performance will drop significantly when they are enabled and usually the themes get failing scores. Meanwhile, Fletro Pro v6.0 is still capable of achieving high scores because the designers actually pay attention to these problems!

I believe the secrete to the high performance score is the implementation of the lazy loading feature. The Fletro v6.0 is among one of the few themes that have this built-in feature. 

Of course, the scores is not the most single important metric to determine a website performance. However, passing the test is sign of great design and may improve your blog’s core web vitals.

3. Cheap Modern Premium Theme

The competitive price is certainly one of the factor that makes  Fletro v6.0 to be the best premium theme! For ONLY $15 to $18, you get to use this modern theme. For the features that you get, $15 is insanely cheap. You get maximum value with low cost.

Other premium themes with similar (or even less) features usually would cost around $25. It’s a bargain.

Moreover, if you buy legitimately and abide by the term and condition, you will get life time updates and support! It means that whenever a new version come out, you can upgrade it for free.

Honestly, there are more good things that I can talk about this theme. But if you want to know more, you should try it yourself.Buy Fletro Pro v6.0 now!

Buy Fletro v6.0 only at the Jago Desain website. Do not attempt to use illegal/pirated copy as they are usually compromised with hacks and unwanted ads. Respect intellectual property, and it’s cheap anyway.

Limitation of Fletro Pro v6.0

Nothing in the world is perfect. Fletro v6.0 too does have several limitations in my opinion. First of all, if you want to do advance customization, you definitely need to know a little bit about CSS and HTML.

Because of its many features, this theme is certainly very complex. If you are a beginner, I advise you to practice first using free theme such as Igniel’s Fiksioner. They have a little similarity when it comes to layout settings.

In order to use various text style and format, you would need to constantly check the documentation. It can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Another limitation is the type of license that you get. You are not allowed to redistribute the theme. Moreover the theme is limited to three domains maximum. This rule seems to be enforced based on the customer good faith. But I do encourage everyone to respect it. 

The Jago Desain Studio

Before I end the article, I’d like to talk about the designer who created this amazing theme for a little bit, the Jago Desain Studio. It is a reputable and experienced developer from Indonesia. I believe the studio was started by Muhammad Maki. 

While still relatively new, the popularity of Jago Design seems to be growing rapidly. In fact it’s catching up to other veteran Indonesian Blogger theme designers such as Igniel and Mas Sugeng.

Instead of rehashing old themes, Jago Desain seems to have found its own style. Muhammad Maki manages to bring fresh modern user interface (UI) into the previously flat Blogger themes. Of course, I could find some hints of inspiration from the older veterans but Jago Desain’s themes are certainly unique.

While I’m not a programmer myself, Blogger theme designers have captivated my attention greatly and I’d like to discuss them in detail next time.

Please note that I am not sponsored by Jago Desain to promote Fletro Pro v6.0. I am not affiliated in anyway whatsoever other than being a legitimate customer. So, I will disclose my honest opinion about this theme. 

Also, if you have question related to Fletro themes, please address it directly to the designer contact support. I’d rather not disclose the documentation of this theme as I wish to respect the intellectual property of Jago Desain.

This article is a form of my appreciation to the designers and to promote my fellow Indonesians creative minds. 

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