Slots vs. Roulette: What to Pick?

Slots and roulette are the two most popular non-card games. In fact, these are regarded as the only relevant games of such sort in casino entertainment. So, unless you want to play poker or any other card pastime, you’ll likely need to either play slots or roulette. In fact, they work in very similar ways.

It’s not like you need to pick one or the other. It’s just that their similar natures pose a simple question: which of these is more relevant and worth playing? It partially depends on you, but not entirely.

Slots Explained

Slots are a game that lets you spin a lever on a digital machine. It has several moving vertical parts (the reels), and they get randomized every turn. Depending on the combination of images on these reels, you can win very different rewards. Or lose all your money.

There are no other moving parts or interactive elements, and that means you can just keep twirling the lever and spin these slots indefinitely. Each spin lasts moments. The images are basically randomly generated, but they can often produce prized combinations. Basically, it’s a succession of fast, thrilling spins.

Roulette Explained

Roulette is a somewhat similar game. It also features a spinning motion, but there are more elements to it. Essentially, you make a bet (or bets) on the numbers present on the roulette table. Then, a roulette with a ball in it is spun around its axis. Its sides are lined with numbers, and wherever the ball lands by the end is the winning number.

This gameplay is more complex, and, while you can just keep spinning the roulette with the same bet, it doesn’t give you the same simple, randomized experience that you get with slots. It has other merits, however. In fact, this slight depth is what attracts many people. The slots, however, are still more popular by comparison.

Slots Advantages

Slots are the most popular genre of casino games, both online and in ‘real life’. There are plenty of different slots, like Slot 777 Online and other titles. It’s not for nothing. There are very clear advantages that speak to the basic needs of many gamblers.

The most apparent advantage is its simplicity. It’s not just basic and without nuance. There is plenty of that, although it is rather basic in terms of gameplay. It’s not complex in the slightest. All you have to do is specify your bet and pull the lever. Moments later, your results will come in and you’ll be able to spin again.

The other great advantage is the cheap thrill that comes with these spins. It doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. You don’t work at all to reach good results. You simply lean back, press the button, and wait for images to arrange into winning patterns. That’s very enjoyable for many people.


Roulette is less popular, but it follows similar logic, as described above.

It’s also a bit more complex. You don’t necessarily analyze the situation, you simply place the bet and hope that the results on the roulette will match those you anticipate. You can somewhat predict where it may land by its current location, but it’s largely futile. It is, however, a deeper and more rewarding experience if your bet is right.

Because of this extra step, the game is more complex. It’s only more complex compared to slots, however. Compared to something like poker or some other multilayered game, it’s still a pretty basic game. So, slots are basically faster and just as simple. Roulette is just longer.

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